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November 14, 2011

Commentary: We Keep Looking The Other Way - It's Got To Stop

Public Opinion polls consistently reflect that Americans are unhappy. The Gallup poll reflects that only 13% of Americans approve of the job that Congress is doing, in November of 2011. Gallup says that “the 2011 average is on track to be the lowest annual rating of Congress in Gallup's history.”

The Gallup poll reported today that 79% of the American people think the economy, jobs and unemployment, and dissatisfaction with government are the most important problems facing our country, while state legislatures across the country are passing legislation to make it more difficult to vote, and participate in our democracy.

This is incredibly frustrating, because everyone has an equal say at the ballot box, if you choose to exercise your constitutional right to vote.

I can’t help but draw a parallel between the average voter choosing to not participate in the democratic process, and the systematic cover-up of sexual abuse at Penn State. At this large public university, the adults in charge chose to not get involved, and they looked the other way. It’s more than apparent that there was a cover-up that started at the top, to protect the Nittany Lion brand.

Joe Paterno’s minions thought someone else was going to take care of the problem, and either thought that they couldn’t have an impact on what transpired, or didn’t care enough about the kids or the institution where they were employed, to do anything.

Right now it seems like the American people are doing the same thing with politics. They’ve either given up because they don’t think they can impact our government, or don’t really care about where we are headed.

I can ask or plead with you to try to make a difference, by just participating, and at the end of the day it’s up to you. I’ll keep writing, and imploring you to make calls, write emails, start a blog, or financially back up what you believe in. Whether you call yourself a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or a ne’er do well,  your opinion counts. This next election in 2012 is more important than any we’ve seen in years

We have to stop looking the other way, because our collective future depends on it. Whether it’s a reprehensible crime like the Penn State sexual abuse case, or it’s the do-nothing obstructionist GOP members of Congress behaving badly, the perpetrators should have to pay for their bad or illegal behavior.

Pennsylvania prosecutors and Coach Joe Paterno can’t look the other way and bury their heads in the ground any longer, and that’s a good thing.

Republican members of Congress are terrorizing the economy, and ignoring the plight of the unemployed, as they shirk their responsibility to govern.

The “prosecutors” of our elected representatives are voters like you and me. I’m certain that  Americans will be a little less unhappy, if you join me in telling Congress that we’ve had enough, and put them on notice that we’re going to stop looking the other way.

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