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November 7, 2011

Herman Cain Is An Ethical Wasteland And Not A Serious Candidate

Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich sang a duet on Saturday night in Texas. They were the only 2 candidates who accepted the invitation to appear at the Texas Patriots Political Action Committee’s $150.00 a person candidate forum. The Texas teabaggers love fest was remarkable for how unremarkable this gathering was.

The traveling press corps was allowed access to the two fringe Presidential candidates after the event was over. When a reporter asked Herman Cain about the sexual harassment allegations, Cain’s response was to ask his “chief of staff” to send the reporter a “journalistic code of ethics.” Cain suddenly knows about ethics in journalism - but doesn’t know a damn thing about ethics in business?

It’s time for the game playing and obfuscation to be over. Herman Cain is going to be dogged by these allegations until he bows out. He clearly has no idea what ethical responsibilities a man in business should possess, and he’s clueless that we expect better of a candidate for President. His arrogant attitude and haughty response to any questions related to these allegations isn’t working.

This male chauvinist sexist pig has to pay the piper, and own up to his transgressions, so that  voters can make up their mind. As it stands now - Herman Cain isn’t doing anyone any favors as he stonewalls the press - but he's giving the electorate 100 reasons not to take him seriously as a candidate.

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