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November 10, 2011

I'd Like To Spit In Joe Paterno's Face. He's A Pathetic Human Being.

State College, Pennsylvania: Penn State’s Board of trustees fired Coach Joe Paterno last night. Students reacted to news of the firing by storming State College, and behaving like imbeciles. They overturned a news van, and tore down light poles.

It makes me wonder if the students know the facts of this case?

In 1998 a parent of a victim lodged a complaint. The complaint was dismissed and swept under a rug.

In 2002, a graduate assistant coach witnessed Jerry Sandusky RAPING a ten year old boy!  He didn’t stop the assault, and he didn’t call the police. He told Coach Paterno about it the next day. Paterno told the Athletic Director, and he took away Jerry Sandusky’s keys to the locker room.

Doesn’t everyone see what’s wrong with this picture? Does this only bother me? It’s outrageous! And it’s outrageous that Paterno thought he was entitled to roam the sideline when the Nittany Lions face Nebraska this weekend.

To add insult to injury - even after Paterno knew that Sandusky was a child rapist, he allowed him to stand on the sideline of football games, with young boys, for years. How many victims could Paterno have saved by doing the right thing? By choosing to do the wrong thing, he made it clear that protecting his fiefdom was far more important than protecting the physical and mental health of young kids.

If the students and public who love Penn State so much, wanted to make a statement, they would stand with the victims, and not attend the game this weekend. A football game, is a game - it’s not a life or death situation. The victims will be dealing with the horrors of this for the rest of their lives, and for them it is a life or death situation.

I would spit in Paterno’s face if I had the chance. He’s a pathetic human being.

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