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November 8, 2011

New York Times: Paterno Must Resign

This Hits Too Close To Home And Makes Me Sick
Happy Valley, Pennsylvania: The New York Times is reporting that Joe Paterno is being forced to resign, amid the Penn State sex assault and child abuse scandal.

I realize that some people didn’t like my headline, asking when JoePa was going to do the perp walk, and I make no apologies for it. Paterno was told about this horrendous crime in 2002, and while he told the Athletic Director in accordance with the law, he never followed up to see if it was reported to the police. He also neglected to inform law enforcement, because he knew it would have an negative impact on his program.

I have friends who went to Penn State, and have long admired and been envious of their terrific football success. I appreciate that JoePa talked up Rutgers, and know that he lobbied hard for Rutgers to be asked to join the Big Ten. I also remember that he did his part in screwing Rutgers over, and destroying the original Atlantic 10. Regardless, I still think he’s an exceptional football Coach, but he’s not a very humane man. He’s a poor excuse of a human being, for allowing his former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, full access to the Happy Valley athletic facilities, with the kids and his charity, even after knowing that Sandusky was sexually assaulting kids that were visiting the campus.

He also was aware of Rene Portland’s homophobia, and turned a blind eye to that too.

What Jerry Sandusky has done, is so heinous, it’s beyond comprehension. The people who perpetrate these crimes, get arrested, go to trial, are sentenced to prison, and have an easier life than their victims.

The victims are required to testify, in a courtroom where they have to face the defendant, who perpetrated the assault and abuse on their person. They have to speak about the horrors of the past, hoping they remember every detail, because after you’ve experienced this trauma, you do everything in your power to get rid of the images and details, from your haunted memory. After giving their testimony, the victims go home, having re-experienced the trauma, which brings back the pain, the shame, and the nightmares that you’ve been trying to put to rest, for as long as you can remember.

At one time I really thought Oprah was terrific, because she would offer these big rewards, to track down pedophiles and abusers. She did so many shows over the years, motivated by her own experience of being abused as a child. After awhile I couldn’t watch anymore, because no one ever talked about the victims. No one sought them out, or tried to give them help or hope, because it was all about locking up the predator..

A kids innocence is stolen, and their childhood destroyed, and the affect is impossible to measure. If you haven’t noticed, I have such strong feelings about this, because I was sexually assaulted and abused by a pedophile when I was five years old. This brings a lot of crap up for me, but I can handle it. If one person reads this and has a little more empathy and concern, for the victims of these crimes, that’s a good thing.

I just hope and pray that Penn State, doesn't consider for a minute, trying to hire Greg Schiano to replace Paterno. That's a no go ---hell no!

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