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November 4, 2011

Orly Taitz Conservative Extremist Wingnut And US Birther-In-Chief

Seeks GOP Nomination for US Senate in California

Mrs. Orly Tater Taitz has announced her intention to seek the Republican nomination for US Senate in 2012, for the seat currently held by incumbent Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA). The  Soviet Moldova-born real housewife of Orange County is currently the lone face of the birther movement, and her actions and wingnut views caused her to banned from Tea Party events.

The housewife, dentist, and mail order degree attorney, and weekly purchaser of Costco pallets of mascara and buckets of foundation, and industrial spackle tools for cosmetic applications, is married to Yosef Taitz, with 3 sons., and holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. The Huffington Post has said:

The Sacramento Bee reported in September that Taitz, a dentist and attorney in Irvine, CA, was "absolutely" considering a run against Feinstein. "I think I do have a chance specifically because I do speak Spanish and I speak Hebrew," Taitz told the Bee.

This is not Taitz's first attempt to run for public office. In 2010, she attempted to run as the Republican nominee for California Secretary of State. Taitz was defeated for the nomination by former NFL player Damon Dunn.

Taitz has made it something of a mission to prove that Obama is not eligible to be President. She has unsuccessfully attempted to prove in court that Obama's presidency is not legitmate. Thedescription on her own website reads, "World's Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site."

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