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November 7, 2011

Penn State: When Is Joe Paterno Doing The Perp Walk?

When I saw this story about a Penn State assistant coach first reported last week, I was disgusted. The more I hear about it, the more sick it makes me. The press calls it the “Penn State Sexual Abuse” scandal. When an adult forces themselves on a ten year old boy or girl that’s RAPE.

Legendary Penn State Coach Joe Paterno was allegedly told about this in 2002. If he didn’t report it to the authorites, then he’s an accessory to the RAPE of a child. Why is Joe Paterno above the law?

Rene Portland, the former homophobic women’s basketball coach, was fired in 2007 after running a basketball program at Penn State for over 20 years that secretly forbid any lesbians on the team, and discriminated against players who were perceived to be gay.

There’s a problem at Penn State that goes beyond this heinous scandal - and the public must demand that the University provide the answers.

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