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November 10, 2011

The Secret Is Out - Rick Perry's A Stupid Ass! Oops!

Governor Rick ‘Shoot ‘em’ up Perry put his sterling intellect, and communication skills on full display last night, in his futile attempt to convince Americans that he’s got what it takes to be be President of the United States. The Republican candidates gathered in Rochester Michigan to discuss their economic policies. Perry emphatically told the GOP crowd that when he goes to Washington, that he will abolish “three agencies of government.” He would abolish the Education Department, the Commerce Department, and the the the the the...................

The Houston Chronicle’s Richard Dunham wrote:

“Saturday Night Live” is going to love this one.

Rick Perry, who has proposed to eliminate three federal departments if he is elected president, couldn’t name all three during Tuesday night’s economic policy debate in Michigan.

The Texas governor said he would abolish the federal Department of Education and the Department of Commerce. But the third one eluded him.

“And the — uh, uh.”

He stood there for seconds that must have felt like hours with a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face.

“What’s the third one there?” he asked himself.

I can’t say that we’ll miss him. He may stick around and campaign for a few more weeks or months, and I’d love to see him as the GOP nominee, but only a fool would vote for a fool.

How was he ever elected to any office in Texas? And who voted for him?

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