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November 7, 2011

Squirmin' Herman's Whopper Of A Fourth Strike - Is He Finally Out?

The parade of women who were victimized by Herman Cain while he was the chief lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association, continued today. Ms. Sharon Bialek, a registered Republican and teabagger from Chicago, accused her fellow teabagger and GOP Presidential candidate, of making unwelcome sexual advances in his car during a job interview in 1997.

Rather than address the allegations directly, the Cain campaign continued to attack the credibility of the victim, and the alleged victim’s attorney, Gloria Allred. When Squirmin’ Herman was asked to respond to the latest allegations, he replied:

“This is the official last time. If I get another request I’m simply not going to do the interview because we are going to stay on message.”

The message that Squirmin’ Herman is communicating to the American people is so arrogant that it defies description, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s a narcissist. According to dictionary.com, a narcissist is a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish.

What is especially sad and shocking after hearing Ms. Bialek’s account of their meeting, is that Squirmin’ Herman's behavior reflects a male chauvinist sexist pig who feels entitled to make uninvited sexual advances toward a woman, because that’s his provenance as a straight male. He says he never sexually harassed a woman because that’s what he believes, and that's how he thinks.

In an email to his supporters, he put his arrogance on full display. He wrote:

Consider: I held various executive positions in corporate America for several decades. I had thousands of employees working for me. I can't even begin to recall how many conversations I had with people during that time, how many directives I gave, how much friendly banter might have taken place.

I also had to make tough decisions during these years. I turned around a poorly performing region for Burger King, then turned around a struggling Godfather's Pizza organization. At some point during a career like this, someone will not like things you do, or how you do it. Someone will complain.

That is just the nature of things if you've ever done much in your life.

That is total and unequivocal bullshit. Is he characterizing reaching for a woman’s genitals as “friendly banter?” That’s disgusting. He refers to his work turning around Burger King and a pizza chain, while all of these women were accosted by Cain while he was employed by the National Restaurant Association.

The National Restaurant Association has had to pay legal settlements to some of his sexual harassment victims, and that’s a fact. 

How Squirmin’ Herman chooses to characterize his bad behavior is immaterial at this juncture. While he has scheduled a Tuesday press conference at 5:00pm EST to say something, the only acceptable statement that I’m interested in hearing right now would be his withdrawal from the race.

A presidential campaign should be dominated by discussing issues that are important to our democracy, and we’ll only get beyond these distractions, if Squirmin’ Herman goes home.

Burger King should consider rehiring him - considering that his brain’s completely controlled by his whopper.

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