February 22, 2012

Top Chef Texas Season 9 Finale - Don’t Reward Bullying!

Tonight is the Season 9 final episode of Top Chef, the food focused hit reality show, on Bravo. I probably won’t get to watch tonight’s episode until this weekend, which doesn’t really bother me, as I’m not that attached to Paul, Lindsay, or Sarah, and I don’t really care who wins.

During the course of Season 9 in Texas, I was pulling for Chris Crary, Ty Boring, Grayson Schmitz, and Ed Lee. When Beverly Kim was eliminated in episode 10, and then subsequently defeated 3 chefs in Last Chance Kitchen, where she earned a place in the Final 5, I was thrilled for her, especially considering that the other women were so mean and cruel to her over the course of Season 9.

Beverly’s underdog status immediately catapulted her to the top of my list. Her defeat last week was really disappointing - and it was never explained how or why Sarah’s rabbit was better than Beverly’s arctic char.

If I had to choose a winner among the three remaining, Paul Qui, Lindsay Autry and Sarah Grueneberg, I’d pick Paul to win, simply because Lindsay and Sarah bullied Beverly - not because I think he’s the best chef.

In my opinion, bullying should never be rewarded - so my fingers are crossed for Paul!

PS: To me - the season 9 cast seemed younger than season 1 through 8. Does anyone else agree?


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