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February 22, 2012

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Owes President Obama An Apology (The View-ers Too)

I have a love hate relationship with ABC’s The View. I admire it’s staying power, considering that it’s been on the air for 15+ seasons. I love that they don’t shy away from discussing “hot topics,” though I sometimes get very frustrated because they haven’t fully informed or educated themselves on a particular issue, before the hosts proffer an opinion. Hence my love/hate feelings for the long running program.

Barbara Walters is an iconic journalist, who started the show with producer Bill Geddie in 1997. It's important to disclose I've met Barbara Walters socially a few times, and a couple times while travelling. That doesn't affect how I feel about the show. Admittedly - I’ve never watched the show day in and day out, but if I’m near a television during a week-day morning, when the show is on, it’s tuned to The View.

I think that the year that Rosie O’Donnell was the host and moderator, in 2006-2007, that The View was must see TV. Too bad that they haven't been able to replicate that season.

Today I tuned in to see Star Jones, in her return to the series that made her a household name. There was no new ground covered, and if you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss anything. Frankly - it was a big yawn.

During the “hot topics” segment the co-hosts showed a very funny clip of Finland’s First Spouse (pictured above),  Mr. Pentti Arajarvi (husband of Finnish President Tarja Halonen), at a State Dinner, peeking at the ample bosom of Princess Mary of Denmark.

The View also showed a short clip of President Obama singing at the White House, with Mick Jagger and BB King. In the clip that was aired, the President reluctantly sang a few lines of “Sweet Home Chicago.” Elizabeth Hasselbeck opined that our President was having too good of a time, and that he shouldn’t be singing or enjoying himself, until he figured out a way to combat the escalating price of gasoline, and high unemployment.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has completely lost the plot! Hasselbeck was a regular guest at the White House during the G.W. Bush years, and we know that she’s a die-hard Republican. To verbalize that Obama should not have fun or enjoy himself, because of gas prices and unemployment, is idiotic and insensitive, as well as highly partisan - and I was offended.

When Bush 43 was President, much was made of his many vacations in Crawford Texas. If there’s one issue that is a non-issue in my book - is the fact that a President never gets a chance to rest when they are in office. It's a 24/7 job - and whether they are purportedly on vacation, or not, they are always on the job. The nuclear codes, the military aides, and the press are with them every day no matter whether they are awake or asleep, on vacation or not. Every President needs a break - and having a good time helps reduce stress and tension.

Think before you speak and be real Mrs. Hasselbeck! You owe your viewers, and your President, an apology.
As for “Sweet Home Chicago” --- President Obama was a little pitchy. I’ll take that over Hasselbeck’s being bitchy, any day of the week. 

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