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February 21, 2012

Sue Me Now! Suck This Tony Perkins!

I am very aware that I haven’t posted to this blog for many months - and only after getting all of my ducks neatly arranged, and in a row, can I begin to think about writing more regularly again.

I rather publicly called for a boycott of many venerable American retailers because of their financial support, through online affiliate marketing relationships, with right-wing and homophobic political organizations.

As a result of my campaign, I received phone calls and emails telling me I was going to die, be murdered, and headed for hell. I was called a faggot, an ass burglar, and threatened with legal action. I’m still getting nasty email from people who feel they need to keep in touch with their inner child, and feel better by calling me playground names.

Local media outlets such as the Bay Area Reporter and SF Weekly, picked up the story of this little guy taking on corporate America and right-wing extremists, which Newsweek/ The Daily Beast, the Denver Post and The New York Times, informed their readers about.

Throughout all of this, my primary goal was to bring people’s attention to the homophobia and lies, being spread in political campaigns and propaganda, by people who wrap themselves in the bible - and claim their views are shared by their 'creator', and protected by the Holy Bible.

If any human being can show me where in the entire Bible that God utters one word about gay marriage, either for or against, I’m all ears. Not one person, to date, has been able to point out this passage to me.

I learned a lot through this whole process. I was forced to retain an attorney to review all of my blog posts, to ensure that I didn’t make any libelous statements. I was advised to form a limited liability corporation that owned my blog, to ensure that I personally wouldn’t come to any financial ruin if one of these wealthy political entities decided to file suit, to shut me up. I was compelled to include libel insurance in any homeowners insurance policy, to cover my ass.

I didn’t read a manual, or book, about how to blog. This blog was born out of a desire to make a difference, and fight homophobia and bullying. I know in a very short time that I made a difference, which is heartening. I also know that many of the small battles - were just that, a small battle. We have yet to win the war.

I’m writing today to tell you that most of my ducks are now all in a row. I needed to take some time to reassess, and follow the legal advice I received. I had to ensure that I was judgement proof - before I could re-arm for the battles ahead.

The next 8 to 9 months are important to you, me, and our country. While Mary and Michele ‘Bozo’ Bachmann and Herman ‘Don Juan’  Cain are home where they belong - nursing their wounds, the GOP still has 4 candidates beating each other up. These idiots will inflict an immense amount of damage on our community, and our country, whoever is anointed the Republican nominee for President. And I’m back to keep an eye on them, and their supporters.

I’ll write more in the coming days about what you can expect in this space - so stay tuned!

Much Love,


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