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March 14, 2012

Bravo TV: On Phaedra Parks, South Africa & Pornographic Is Not Biblical

Part 2: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta & The Real Housewives of Orange County

Phaedra Phaedra Phaedra Parks!

Bravo seems slow about rolling out The Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes this year. The women have finally returned from a month-long trip to South Africa - and the ten day trip seemed to last forever.

Did I mention I love Phaedra Parks! She has become the Queen of the one liners, she's much more relaxed this season, and who knew she had such a great sense of humor? When Phaedra walked into Kim and Kroy’s new house and said we’re going to have “another episode of foolery” under her breath, she totally cracked me up again. She’s become a real treasure.

I hope that by now, Kim has watched the footage of that fateful safari conversation, and that she knows the truth. Kandi Buruss did not trash her, or say or infer that Kim’s a racist. I think that “She by Sheree” Ms. Sheree Whitfield honestly believes her version of what happened, and she’s a stubborn woman, who wouldn’t budge. I don’t think anyone was trying to be malicious, and this is a mountain being made of a mole hill.

When Phaedra first brought up the idea of the trip to Sheree, I thought to myself that Kim would never go with that group to South Africa, whether with child or without. She never struck me as a world traveler, and I thought that she’d come up with any excuse not to go.

Was Cynthia Bailey being a little bitchy by starting the whole thing? Of course she was - and she owned it. I hope that by now everything’s cool and that they’re back to normal. But since it’s the Housewives of Atlanta - you never know.

I’m not even going to touch the topic of Nene’s travelling companion just yet. I'll just say that she added some spice, and a shoe store to the trip.  As shocking as it was to see Nene be the mature adult in the melee that broke out, I wish she’d recognize how ridiculous her feud with Kim has been. Some of the funniest and best moments on the show were when Nene and Kim were together. They went through a lot together - and the show is better - when they're speaking.

Nene used to be my favorite Atlanta Housewife, but the fame and success seems to have made her more guarded, and uptight. I still like Nene Leakes, but Phaedra’s my new favorite. I can’t wait to see her put make-up on a corpse. She did say there’s “a fine line between tasteful make-up and being a drag queen!"

Amen to that!

Peeking Behind The Orange Curtain

When you live in Los Angeles, you disdainfully refer to the land south of Long Beach, in Orange County, as the Orange Curtain. It is another world in Orange County, and The Real Housewives of Orange County started their 7th Season of showing us how they live.

I know it’s just been a few episodes so far - and I don’t have much to say. Yet.

Love the new housewife - Heather Dubrow. I’m glad that Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney  buried the hatchet for at least a couple episodes. I’m happy that Vicki Gunvalson is sticking with the show, though it’s weird that she chose Don’s twin from Alabama as a boyfriend.

Did you hear the news? Alexis Bellino is a news anchor like Katie Couric.

An exchange between Vicki and Tamra, and Vicki is acting like a teenage girl because Tamra and Gretchen went out shopping together (for sex toys).

Setting: Vicki’s kitchen in Coto

Tamra has brought Vicki a gift.

Tamra: 52 weeks of naughty nights! It’s fun!

Vicki: Why would you buy that stuff. It’s pornographic, and pornographic is not biblical.

Tamra: You ARE hanging out with Alexis.

Vicki: When you’re in love you don’t need any of that stuff. It’s for people who aren’t in love who need that stuff (Vicki’s subtext: like you Tamra!).

Vicki is disgusted and pushes the NOT-BIBLICAL gift away.

Not biblical? WTF!

And......END SCENE!

straight talk in a queer world.  


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