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March 4, 2012

Deadly Tornadoes Sweep Through South and Midwest - 38 Reported Dead

Deadly tornadoes swept through the south and midwest yesterday, stretching from Alabama to Kentucky, and across the Ohio river to Ohio and Indiana. Tornadoes were also reported in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia.  

According to the Associated Press:

The stories from tornado survivors across the South and Midwest were remarkable: schoolchildren took cover under desks, people hunkered down in a church basement or hid out in a bank vault. One family even piled on top of one another for protection.

One of the most remarkable survivors was a toddler found alive and alone in a field near her Indiana home. Her four immediate family members were among at least 38 people killed by tornadoes that scarred communities scattered across hundreds of miles of the nation's midsection from Alabama to Indiana

A large part of our country has had a mild winter, from California to New York, which has resulted in less precipitation. An increase in the surface sea temperature, as a result of global warming, has a direct effect on atmospheric moisture, which fuels tornadoes and causes severe storms.

When you hear Romney, Gingrich and “Sicko” Santorum talk about drilling for oil, and the new places that we should explore for oil domestically, as a quick antidote for $4.00 a gallon gasoline, it would also be smart to weigh those risks against the possibility of even more severe weather and tornadoes, with more fatalities.

When you think about the severe weather and tornadoes that have devastated the mid-section of our country over the past few years, with all of those vibrant lives lost, is it worth sacrificing more lives just for a small amount of oil?

When you see the devastation and destruction, and you know that climate change has a direct impact on our lives and these weather systems, do you say drill baby drill? If you do - you need your head examined.

When you know there's a link between all of these factors, and the dumb politicians keep saying drill baby drill (some of them with stock in oil companies) because it's good for them but not the people, isn't it time to send a message to the Republicans and these alleged smart men - and vote to send them home to play golf and spend more time with their wives and mistresses.

Now you can act to do what's best for you and your family. And drilling isn't it. This is pure common sense!

My heart, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by these storms.

We’ve got to end our reliance on oil, and find an alternative fuel source that does less damage to the environment.

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