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March 10, 2012

Infographic: Online Political Activism Works

I know that some people think "why should I bother" sending someone an email, or they think emailing a politician is pointless, and I felt that way for a long time. It's only since I started paying more attention, that I've discovered that Facebook, Twitter, emails, and phone calls are incredibly effective tools to mobilize people - and effect change. I saw this graphic ----

I saw this graphic on the blog Frugal Dad, which is a blog devoted to handling your money in a smart way. It's a terrific sight, and you should check it out. One of the things that I really like about the Frugal Dad blog, is the use of graphics to tell a story.

In his blog post "Giants Kneel to A Tweet: When Social Consumers Go Viral (Infographic)," Jason writes:

Apart from their general entertainment value, and obvious benefits like keeping in touch with friends, and staying up to date on news, sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a united voice to the American consumer. When so many individuals express their opinions via these sites, they gain power as a collective. This infographic shows that companies will stand to attention if enough people post regarding one of their policies or practices.

If enough people post about a given company—an unpopular policy for instance—this infographic shows that a company is likely to stand at attention. From personal outrages, like those over the misleading Diet-Coke-like packaging of a Coca Cola to humanitarian concern, like that for the unfair working conditions of Armani and Versace’s Turkish denim workers, digital posting has made a difference.

He's right, and the graphic bears that out. Which is why I ask anyone who happens to read this blog, to take a minute and contact the MPAA regarding the film Bully. We really could make a difference.

Thanks to Jason at Frugal Dad for sharing this graphic!

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