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March 12, 2012

Jive Five: 5 Reasons Republicans Will Not Capture The White House in 2012

Or How The GOP War Against Women Alienated Americans And Re-elected Obama

I. The Limbaugh Effect: American Electorate Starts To Take Notice Of Republican Initiatives To Exert Government Control Over Their Internal Organs

I. The Limbaugh Effect: American Electorate Starts To Take Notice Of Republican Initiatives To Exert Government Control Over Their Internal Organs

Rush Limbaugh has been in the news a little too much for my taste lately. His degrading remarks about the Georgetown University Law Student, highlighted what Limbaugh and his political party think about women. Which is not much.

The Washington Post Opinion Page has a Kathleen Parker column entitled “GOP War on Women?” Kathleen wrote:

Consider the headline-grabbing events that came together almost at once:

Virginia’s pre-abortion sonogram law that could have required women to undergo a transvaginal probe; the debate over religious liberty vs. contraception mandate, prompted by health-care reform; Rush Limbaugh’s commentary about a female law student in which he called her a slut and a prostitute and, in a final flourish, suggested she provide him sex tapes so he could watch her in the activities precipitating the need for birth control.

War has been declared, and there’s hardly any way to change the impression among a growing percentage of women that the GOP is the party of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

While she goes on to ask, and examine whether this war is real, I think it is - and that it’s been going on for years, and that it will continue. If women don’t support the GOP in November 2012, they are doomed.

II. Grover Norquist Is The Most Powerful Politician You Never Heard Of

Political junkies know that Grover Norquist is a lobbyist, and is solely responsible for nearly every Republican member of Congress signing the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" when they were elected. This commitment signed by Republicans says they will "oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and to oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates."

The result? Congress cannot increase revenues to the government, by raising taxes - or passing legislation to create more revenue opportunities. Higher taxes on millionaires is a no-brainer, but because of Norquist’s pledge - House and Senate Republicans won’t budge. A group called “Patriotic Millionaires For Fiscal Strength” met with Norquist, in November 2011, to try to reason with him and attempt to change his opinion. They concluded that Norquist should move to Somalia.  Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID) said:

SIMPSON: Well first, the pledge. I signed that in 1998 when I first ran. I didn’t know I was signing a marriage agreement that would last forever and I think that the majority of members of Congress understand that you have to have additional revenue.

Republican lawmakers have held both Houses of Congress hostage over taxes, and the debt ceiling, and voters will remember that come November. And Democrats will enjoy reminding voters of this fact.

This has had a crippling effect on our economy, and will hurt the GOP very much.

III. Can I take your Picture? People of Color and Ethnic Minorities Are Photo Ops At GOP Conventions.

The Republican party does not have many people of color who are members and supporters of their party. Recent legislation on the state level related to immigration and voter ID laws will hurt the party.


As a nation of immigrants, this melting pot of people that we call the USA, has always celebrated the fact that everyone’s roots originate somewhere else. The lone exception to this, understandably, are native Americans.

First it was Arizona, and their “immigration” law, and then Alabama followed suit. These states were the first to enact legislation to deny government services to people, who they believe are “illegal immigrants.” The laws allow law enforcement personnel to inquire of any citizen, what their immigration status is. Did I mention that the state legislatures, and governors of these states, are Republicans? Did I also mention that these laws are targeted at finding and deporting illegals with darker skin, or Latinos.

With the Latino population increasing, the GOP will not find much support there.

Voter ID Laws

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, in 2011, 34 states introduced legislation to require government issued photo ID’s in order to vote. The Brennan Center conducted a survey and found “11 percent of voting-age American citizens—and an even greater percentage of African American, low-income, and older citizens—do not have current and valid government-issued photo IDs”.

You might ask yourself what’s the big deal? These laws will place a barrier between those who are legitimately able to vote, but cannot vote in an election due to the new photo ID laws. As it will affect many minority voters, they will be turned away when they show up to vote.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was enacted to ensure that everyone had equal access to vote in an election. The Voting Rights Act prohibits states from requiring any "voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure ... to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color."

The legislatures who passed these new laws don’t like the fact that we have a black President. I think this is a racist move to keep African-Americans home on election day.

Most people of color will NOT be voting for a Republican in November 2012. Who can blame them?

IV. Republican Party Call ‘Ten Commandments Over-Regulation”*

This campaign season Republican candidates have called for abolishing the federal government’s EPA, the Department of Education, The Department of Commerce, the Energy Department, and more. We have been told that regulation and taxes have killed American jobs.

Realistically - the lack of regulation and oversight of the financial services sector resulted in the Madoff ponzi scheme, the sub-prime mortgage mess, the failure of banks and investment banks, mass layoffs, and a near meltdown of our economic structure. There were serious breaches within government (in my opinion), and outside of government.

If we eliminated the EPA, cancer causing agents would be allowed to pollute our air. The Energy Department regulates nuclear energy, and abolishing them would remove safeguards. The Department of Education requires that standards be met in every state when it comes to educating our children. Do we just say forget it? Some of the candidates think states should assume the role of the federal government. I say that’s baloney, which is better served on rye bread.

During the course of the campaign - people will become more focused on this issue, as it affects everyone. The GOP think this is their ticket to the White House. I believe they’re wrong.

* I wish I could claim that line, it’s pretty good! But I can’t - it came from skunk.org.

V. Old White Men Can’t Hump.........So No Humping For You Either!   

Republicans have long considered LGBT rights as “special” rights. Some of the really ignorant and misinformed think that if you’re gay - that you’ve learned the behavior. The Grand Old Party (GOP) isn’t very grand anymore. You know that I think GOP means Geriatric Over-rated Party Poopers.

Equal rights and marriage equality are the issues that most people in the LGBT community coalesce around. The simple use and acceptance of the terminology omits some hot-button issues that are just as important in my view. There’s LGBT non-discrimination legislation related to employment and public accommodation, issues around  transgender inequality and accessibility to medication and medical care, housing and medical issues related to HIV, LGBT adoption, just to name a few.

The Republican party does not care about us as a community, or as a voting bloc. Will it hurt them in November 2012? I think it will. When you consider that women, people of color, people with a functioning brain, people with an education, and LGBT people won’t be voting for a Republican - the GOP has a problem - and they need every vote they can get.


President Obama’s re-election is not a sure thing at this point. But it looks like it’s going to be the President’s election to win or lose. If he makes the right moves, and says and does the right thing - he’ll win. If he fucks up - a Geriatric Over-rated Party Pooper will be standing by. Perish the thought.........

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