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March 4, 2012

Old Bitchy White Guys aka Geriatric Over-rated Party Poopers (G.O.P.) - Campaign Ahead of Super Tuesday

Political Commentary

Over the last 14 months, I’ve listened to the constant hyperbolic political rhetoric, and the regurgitated sound-bites, that are delivered over the air-waves by the extremist right-wing Republican Presidential candidates. After watching most of the televised GOP debates (resembling clown college re-unions more than a debate ), I was frustrated by the lack of substantive discussion - and I was tired of the evasive answers and divisive rhetoric. For me, the debates were so aggravating and maddening, I just couldn’t watch anymore.

In December 2011, before the Iowa Caucuses, up to a week ago, I didn't pay close attention to the infighting among the remaining GOP candidates. I tuned them all out.  They constantly repeat the same mantra over and over to whoever might listen - and this undistinguished sad cast of characters - consisting of old white men - just makes me roll my eyes and yawn. If this is the best of the GOP - the grand old party might be on life support this time next year. Cross your fingers!

For the last week or so I’ve been catching up and reading about what’s transpired, and while some candidates left the race, nothing much has changed has really changed. These are the candidates left in the GOP race, and what I think of them and their chances.

Former Governor Willard Mitt Romney

Governor Romney still can’t close the deal, and voters don’t like him. Romney still thinks corporations are people, is not worried about the very poor, and thinks the throne of God is near Kolob. Kolob? I can’t wait for him to try to explain that one to the American people. Hopefully he’ll also explain why women are not allowed leadership positions in his church, where exactly the Garden of Eden is located in Missouri, and he’ll have to share how his faith will influence his decisions, if he was elected.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

How can you not like Ron Paul? Rep. Ron Paul is like the cranky old grandfather, with his well worn chair, Bermuda shorts and patent leather belt, and buckets of wisdom - that talks incessantly, and no one listens to. Some of his ideas are brilliant, and some are cuckoo. Presidential material? Not in a million years.

Former Rep. Newt Gingrich

Historian Newt Gingrich’s weapon of choice is his mean spirited tongue. It’s cocked, loaded, and ready to pounce 24/7. I get the impression that he stays on the campaign trail to solely to sell books, and to command bigger lobbying and speaking fees in the future, in order to keep his Tiffany’s line of credit open and enrich his bank accounts further.  He’s loose with real facts, and pretends as though the 84 ethics violations levelled against him while Speaker of the House, is a figment of our imagination.

Former Sen. Rick “Sicko” Santorum

Which brings me to Rick “Sicko” Santorum. He is the candidate I would most like to see nominated. I pray to my Goddess every morning and every night - that he gets the nomination! Not only does he have cuckoo ideas, and say very stupid things, but he even owns up to not believing in the separation of church and state (which is enshrined in our constitution).  “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state are absolute," Santorum crowed.

He thinks the government should regulate people’s sex lives (straight/bi/gay/other), and that higher education (college) is for snobs. There is a sexual by-product associated with his name, that will be there forever, and he’s obsessed with sex. President? Hell no! After his Senate defeat, even President Bush refused to nominate him for a dog catcher position.

Gay/LGBT Issues

As far as LGBT issues go - Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are all homophobic. This is 2012 people! We don’t have any tolerance for homophobia - at all. Not in government, not in society, and not in church. Ron Paul is the only candidate to support LGBT civil rights.

Former Governor Jon Huntsman

The candidate who would have had the best chance to defeat President Obama in a general election, Governor Jon Huntsman, barely registered on anyone’s radar. He was a serious and credible candidate - and the most respected politician of the bunch, vying to be the Republican nominee for President. For some reason he had no traction in the polls, and the press largely ignored him. After he put all of his eggs in one basket, only contesting New Hampshire, his campaign died on the vine.

Jon Huntsman finished in 3rd place in the New Hampshire’s primary, with his distant cousin Mitt the victor, and Rep. Ron Paul in 2nd. With just 2 delegates, he withdrew from the race.

None of the Above

I read this week that New Jersey Asshole and Governor Chris Christie, is the number one choice among the Republican cognoscenti, to be the Republican nominee if there’s a brokered convention. I understand why he’s attractive to some voters. He’s loud, opinionated, a bully, homophobic, and doesn’t work well with the Democrats in the Legislature. He’s highly partisan, and the White House needs an bull elephant in a china shop. I don’t think so.........

With 8 months to go before the general election, we can’t be lazy, or take an Obama victory for granted. Even with a near certain victory for the President next November, against any of these 4 candidates for President, it’s crucial to re-engage.  As painful as it might be to listen to the 4 clowns speak, when you listen closely - you’ll clearly hear the 101+ reasons why these candidates will not be elected President in 2012 - which you can then share with your friends, family and neighbors.

What would really make me happy would be to have Michele “Bozo” Bachmann, and her husband Mary Bachmann, return to center stage. That would keep me amused, the late night comics busy with new material, and that’d be pure comedy gold. Hell is more likely to freeze over unfortunately. What can you do?


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