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March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday: The Not So Super Republican Party Piss People Off

Today is Super-Tuesday, and the Republican candidates for President and their party are working hard to alienate and piss off voters every day. How are they achieving this at such a rapid pace. It’s the candidates themselves, and their extreme views and fringe positions that are creating problems for the party and driving the negative perception.

What do we know about where the Republican party stands, on the important issues facing our nation today?

  • We know that they think Wall Street, banks and the financial services sector is over regulated, and that they should regulate themselves. The sub-prime mortgage crisis never happened as far as they’re concerned.
  • We know that they think our nation’s corporations, and the wealthy, are over-taxed.

If you’re an immigrant, a woman, LGBT, or a person of color, a student, an environmentalist, or a senior citizen, then the Republican party doesn’t really care about you.

The only class of people in the population that the Republicans haven’t targeted are heterosexual white males. Though if you’re a heterosexual white male, chances are you care about an immigrant, a woman, someone who is LGBT, or a person of color, a student, or an environmentalist, or a senior citizen - so maybe the the Republican party isn’t for you either.

Regardless, they'd still like your money. Today's GOP is sorely out of touch with the people. For them - politics is about the purse strings - and straight white middle aged men love to give them cash. How surprising - their stupidity reflects that it all boils down to money.

This is not a prescription for victory - the Republican party will keep pissing people off until November 2012.


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