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March 19, 2012

Travel: Every Airbus A380 Has Cracked Wings

European Regulators Find Cracks On Almost Every Plane Inspected
The German magazine Der Spiegel published an interview with Airbus executive Tom Williams. He was asked about reports that some of the A380 aircraft in service have cracks in the wing. Reuters reported:

"This problem will keep us busy for years," weekly Der Spiegel quoted Tom Williams as saying in an article published on Sunday.

European air safety regulators last month ordered checks for A380 wing cracks for the entire superjumbo fleet after safety engineers found cracks in almost all planes inspected.

I don’t know what is more chilling, the fact that European regulators found cracks in almost all planes inspected, or if the problem will be persistent for years.

This huge plane is still flying. I’m sure that American and European regulators wouldn’t allow airlines to fly the A380, if it was unsafe. Regardless, I’ll avoid flying on an Airbus A380.

What about you?

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