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April 30, 2012

Another Teen Tragedy: Gay Utah Teen Takes His Own Life

Jack Denton Reese Mountain Green Utah Gay Teen
 Parents, Teachers, Politicians, And Religious Leaders Have Failed Our Youth. They Are Responsible For The LGBTQ Suicide Epidemic - When Will They Do Something About It?

Q Salt Lake: “It happens here about once a week, but officially, you know, it doesn’t happen here.” Utah public official on teen suicide problem.

There has been another teen tragedy. This time it was in Mountain Green, Utah - and there has been nary a mention of it in the mainstream press.

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WACKADOO: Teach Homosexuality As 'Crime Against Nature'

This is a Letter to the Editor of the Ogden Standard-Examiner, that was published just days after Jack Reese’s death. This is a perfect example of how the community should NOT respond to a tragedy. It was completely irresponsible of the Standard-Examiner to print this letter, when Jack Reese’s funeral hadn’t taken place.

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April 28, 2012

Homophobia 101: Wackadoo Radio Host Claims "Being Gay Is A Behavior"

 LGBTQ: A syndicated radio personality recently said "I don’t believe that you can be gay. I believe that people engage in homosexual behavior, and I believe that homosexual behaviors can end up killing you." What do you think?

I don’t know if you are familiar with Quora.com. It’s a great gathering place - where you can share your knowledge about any subject, and it’s also a great place to learn, because the very active community has experts in every field you can imagine.

That question you see above has generated some fierce debate. I wrote what I thought was a very thoughtful answer to someone who wrote a response that echoed what this asinine, uneducated, radio wackadoo said to the wackadoo’s 3 listeners.

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April 27, 2012

Hillary Clinton: Straight Talk In A Queer World

She’s My Hero

Some people may have a short memory, but I don’t. I was just thinking about how much our Secretary of State has changed and evolved. And then I thought, hey wait a minute. Maybe we’ve changed and evolved as a nation - because she’s still the same articulate and intelligent woman that she has always been. 

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April 26, 2012

House GOP Pass Cyber Snooping Law On Party Line Vote

Republicans Want To Read Our Email And Intercept Our Phone Calls - Will This Bill Pass The Senate?

Republicans in Congress  failed to win public support for PIPA and SOPA, and they know the American people are tired of their charades, and when we weren’t looking they passed CISPA. 

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The House of Representatives passed CISPA, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, by a vote of 248-168. Donna Cassata of the Associated Press has written:

On a partisan vote of 248-168, the GOP-controlled House backed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which would encourage companies and the federal government to share information collected on the Internet to prevent electronic attacks from cyber-criminals, foreign governments and terrorists.

The White House, along with a coalition of liberal and conservative groups and some lawmakers, strongly opposed the measure, complaining that Americans' privacy could be violated. They argued that companies could share an employee's personal information with the government, data that could end up in the hands of officials from the National Security Agency or the Defense Department. They also challenged the bill's liability waiver for private companies that disclose information, complaining that it was too broad.

"Once in government hands, this information can be used for undefined 'national security' purposes unrelated to cyber-security," a coalition that included the American Civil Liberties Union and former conservative Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., wrote lawmakers Thursday.

Echoing those concerns were several Republicans and Democrats who warned of potential government spying on its citizens with the help of employers.

"In an effort to foster information sharing, this bill would erode the privacy protections of every single American using the Internet. It would create a 'Wild West' of information sharing," said Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee.

Said Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas: "Until we protect the privacy rights of our citizens, the solution is worse than the problem."

Not good, not good at all.

straight talk in a queer world.



Nasty: The Boy Scouts Of America Maintain Their Discriminatory Ways

Jennifer Tyrrell Bridgeport Ohio Accepts Award from GLAAD

BSA Feels The Wrath Of A Wronged Mom - Part 1

An Ohio mom and her 7 year old son were bitch slapped by the Boy Scouts of America. What has this once venerable organization done now?

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On Blogging, On Flogging, And Jogging (Not Really)


The Blogger Confesses: Looking For Trouble In The Name Of Our Cause - Part 2

I doubt that anyone will be shocked by this, but I think you’ll be interested if you want to read about a minor scoop, and hear a little gossip. This is a public blog that anyone can read, I just ask that you keep this one to yourself for a short time. The photos are going to be smaller than usual. Just click on them and you’ll be able to see the pics better.

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Big Bad Boy Scouts No Longer Embrace Family Values

TV: What's New On Bravo? Jersey Girls and Tardy for the Wedding!!

Can anyone explain to me why we watch these "Housewife" shows? Why do gay men love the series? I don’t get it - and yet I won’t miss an episode. Look at that face on the far left! Get angry much?

Kim Zolciak’s new show starts tonight. Will you be watching?

April 25, 2012

Apple Has Record Earnings And San Francisco Store Empty

Greenpeace Protest At San Francisco Apple Store

Greenpeace Protest Highlights Apple’s Failure To Address Environmental Concerns

On a day that Apple announced record profits, their San Francisco flagship store was empty, because no one would go into the store. Greenpeace was protesting Apple’s massive cloud initiative and the new data centers powered by burning coal, that will have long-term negative effects on North Carolina, and our nation's environment.

April 24, 2012

LGBTQ Equality Riders Met With Mormon Leaders In Salt Lake City

Equality Ride 2012
For The First Time The LGBT Group Was Allowed To Meet In The LDS Administration Building - And Not An Outhouse

Soulforce is a fantastic national non-profit organization who works tirelessly to end religious and political persecution of LGBTQ people. Soulforce is a secular advocacy group, that has embraced the non-violent principles personified by Dr. Martin Luther King.

April 23, 2012

Gay Blogger Exposes Subversive Anti-Gay Group And Porno Pete's Fingerprints Are Everywhere

Porno Pete LaBarbera Truth4time
 Alvin McEwen: “Secret religious right Facebook group plotting cyber attack on gay community”

I was reading my pal Will Kohler’s blog, Back2Stonewall, where he wrote about an anti-gay Facebook group, called Truth4Time, whose membership was primarily comprised of Christian right-wing extremists. This loosely formed Facebook group was hatching a plan to attack and take down LGBT blogs and websites. Will sourced the story from another LGBT blog - Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

Wackadoo Bryan Fischer - Republican, Hate Group Spokesman, Serial Liar. Not Very Happy About Romney Gay Hire!

Bryan Fischer Richard Grenell
Bryan Fischer Isn't Happy About Richard Grenell
 Romney’s New Gay Hire Is Forced To Exorcise His Inner Bitchy Queen - And The AFA Can Drop Dead

I mentioned this Romney hire in another context on Saturday, and the story just keeps on giving!

Willard Mitt Romney hired openly gay public relations guru, Richard Grenell, to work on his campaign team, as his his foreign policy spokesman last week. Most people wouldn’t pay much attention to this hire, because in the grand scheme of things, campaign spin doctors don’t command much attention.

Iowa Newspaper Devotes Entire Sunday Front Page To Anti-bullying Editorial

The Sioux City Journal, which is the daily newspaper in northwestern Iowa, devoted their entire front page yesterday, to an editorial about bullying.

April 21, 2012

Saturday Shorts: Gay Porn On Morning News, Anglicans Say Gay Marriage Good For Church, Quelle Surprise! Romney Hires A Fab Gay PR Person

*(No Pun Intended) Coming to A TV News Program Near You!

This is just too funny to not talk about! Imagine you go outside and pick up the morning newspaper. You come back inside and your morning coffee is brewed and you turn on the morning television news, and you get comfy in front of the TV as you’re going to read your paper, and drink your coffee, and you hear the word “suck” - and you look up and there is gay porn on your TV.

April 20, 2012

CISPA: GOP Is Trying To Take Our Privacy Rights Away Again

A word cloud created with the words from this story.

Say it isn’t so! SOPA/PIPA Redux: Facebook, Microsoft, ATT, and Verizon are in bed with Republicans and support this cyberspying bill.

I saw the first article about this last week, and as I read Violet Blue’s excellent CNET article about the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), I thought to myself that they can’t be serious about this bill. Didn’t the American people make it clear that we value our privacy rights, we believe in due process under the law, and we want to keep the privacy rights that our Constitution grants to us? Didn’t we just go through this?

Violet began her compelling story like this:
Meet CISPA. 
You may not have heard of it yet because it’s been flying under the radar. It’s a lot like PIPA, which was a lot SOPA (I’m sure you heard of those).  
Actually, some people are calling it “worse than SOPA,” and it’s sponsored by a congressman who thinks the death penalty should be considered for Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of leaking military information to Wikileaks. 
Be worried: they think we stopped paying attention after SOPA -- so they made this. 
CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (PDF) (aka H.R. 3523), is up for a vote in two weeks. Unlike its failed cousins, it has the support of companies such as AT&T, Facebook, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, Verizon, and many more.

As a dutiful citizen, I read H.R. 3523 - and there is no question that our civil liberties are under attack, and guess who is leading the charge? House Republicans.

This bill would allow US corporate entities like AT&T and Facebook, to share your personal information (which includes phone calls, email, websites visited, internet surfing habits, phone records, etc), with the federal government and law enforcement agencies. The bill does not contain one sentence to protect the interests of “the people ‘ -  and I mean you and me.

This bill has nothing to do with domestic terrorism, and this bill has nothing to do with our safety online, or our personal safety. This bill allows the government and government agencies unfettered access to our personal information - and all they have to do to get this information is ask Facebook or AT&T or Verizon. There are no provisions to notify consumers, there are no penalties if the government or these private companies share our  information in error. The bill also specifically states that consumers cannot file suit to protest or contest the sharing of our information, and no one can seek damages if they are injured due to the sharing of this data.

The corporate interests rallied around this legislation, because they’re allegedly interested in receiving information related to network threats from the government. The federal government can share that information if they choose, without compromising our constitutional rights.

This is a BAD bill, and is a perfect illustration of the disregard that Republican members of Congress have for the average American. That;s why we have to publicize the bill, and make our feelings known in Washington. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and many of their partner organizations have set up a website where you can fill out a quick form and register your protest to Washington. You can find the “Stop Cyber Spying” page right here by clicking this link.

When members of Congress were sworn into office, they swore that they would uphold and protect the Constitution. This bill does not uphold or support our Constitutional rights, it erodes our rights. And as such, any Senator or Congressman that votes for this bill should be impeached.

What do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions About CISPA

Here’s a FAQ from my friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation,
Q. Under CISPA, can a private company read my emails? 
A. Yes.  Under CISPA, any company can “use cybersecurity systems to identify and obtain cyber threat information to protect the rights and property” of the company. This phrase is being interpreted to mean monitoring your communications—including the contents of email or private messages on Facebook. 
Q.Under CISPA, can a company hand my communications over to the government without a warrant? 
A. Yes. After collecting your communications, companies can then voluntarily hand them over to the government with no warrant or judicial oversight whatsoever as long is the communications have what the companies interpret to be “cyber threat information” in them. 
Q. Under CISPA, what can I do if a company improperly hands over private information to the government? 
A. Almost nothing. CISPA would affirmatively prevent users from suing a company if they hand over their private information to the government in virtually all cases. A broad immunity provision in the proposed amendments gives companies complete protection from user lawsuits unless information was given to the government: 
(I) intentionally to achieve a wrongful purpose;
(II) knowingly without legal or factual justification; and
(III) in disregard of a known or obvious risk that is so great as to make it highly probably that the harm of the act or omission will outweigh the benefit. 
As Techdirt concluded, “no matter how you slice it, this is an insanely onerous definition of willful misconduct that makes it essentially impossible to ever sue a company for wrongly sharing data under CISPA.” This proposed immunity provision is actually worse than the prior version of the bill, under which companies could be sued if they acted in “bad faith.” 
Q. What can I do to stop the government from misusing my private information? 
A. CISPA does allow users to sue the government if they intentionally or willfully use their information for purposes other than what is described above.  But any such lawsuit will be difficult to bring.  For instance, the statute of limitations for such a lawsuit is two years from the date of the actual violation.  It’s not at all clear how an individual would know of such misuse if it were kept inside the government. 
Q. Why are Facebook and other companies supporting this legislation? 
A. Facebook and other companies have endorsed this legislation because they want to be able to receive information about network security threats from the  government. This is a fine goal, but unfortunately CISPA would do far more than that—it would eviscerate existing privacy laws by allowing companies to voluntarily share users’ private information with the government. 
Q. What can I do to stop this bill? 
A. It’s vital that concerned Internet users tell Congress to stop this bill. Use EFF’s action center to send an email to your Congress member urging them to oppose this bill. 
We’re also joining other civil liberties organizations in Stop Cyber Spying Week, a week of action to protest CISPA.    
The goal of this week of action is simple: get Congress to back off of any cybersnooping legislation that sacrifices the civil liberties of Internet users. We’ve set up a dedicated Twitter tool to help Internet users tweet messages to their Congressional representatives opposing CISPA.

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Infographic: WILL CISPA Affect You?

Is cyber-spying good for you or for me?

I love infographics! This is a great infographic designed by Lumin Interactive, for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The graphic explains the bill, and outlines the implications for you and me.

I Support GLSEN And The National Day Of Silence

Today is the National Day of Silence, and I am supporting GLSEN and those who are the victims of bullying. I wrote my blog posts and scheduled them to be posted ahead of time, so that I can be silent today. I won’t tweet, or use social networks, or post anything to my blog today - and any tweets or posting to social networks are automated.

Have a great weekend!


April 19, 2012

Another Gay Teen Tragedy - 14 Year Old Iowan Ends His Life

Family Attributes Kenneth Weishuhn’s Death To Bullying

Primghar, Iowa is a small Midwestern town of 900 people. The town website says that “Primghar was built on cobblestones and heritage. Our unique blend of heritage combined with the friendliness and the caring spirit of our people makes Primghar a great place to call home.”

Comment of the Day: Iowa Teacher Speaks Out About Bullying

Anne: They learned the behavior from parents.

An Iowa teacher, known as Anne, raises an interesting point.

Reminder: April 20th Is The National Day Of Silence

GLSEN Is Fighting For Our Kids

Tomorrow is the National Day of Silence, which started in 1996, to bring attention to anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in our schools.

April 14, 2012

April 13, 2012

Family Research Council Threatens Boycott Of EA Games Due To LGBT Characters

Florida Family Association (With Only 1 Member) Started Boycott Threat

Electronic Arts (EA), the Redwood City, California developer of video games has been targeted by the Florida Family Association (FFA), and the Family Research Council (FRC), for including LGBT characters in their games. According to the trade industry website gamesindustry.biz, the company has received thousands of emails and letters protesting their inclusion of same-sex couples in popular game titles Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The 5 Most Popular Posts of March 2012

I continued to see increased traffic to the blog In March 2012. Diversifying the subject matter beyond politics, religion, education and bullying, is what gave the site a boost. Surprisingly - visitors come to read about politcs and civil rights, and they also come to read about television and music. I will continue to diversify the content, it’s just difficult when you’re a one man band.

April 12, 2012

Obama Refuses To Sign LGBT Anti-Discrimination Executive Order

Who Is To Blame? The President & The Ineffective LGBT National Leadership

President Obama has refused to sign the Executive Order that’s on his desk, that would prohibit LGBT employment discrimination by federal contractors. The White House said the President won’t sign the executive order this year, and that the administration would research LGBT  workplace discrimination.

Research and Study??? This is maddening, hurtful, and a slap in the face to a community that has given the President our unwavering support. The President knows we won’t vote for Romney, but he doesn’t just get a pass on this decision. This is outrageous.

It is very easy to take our anger out on the President, but the lack of national leadership within the LGBT community is appalling. According to MSNBC,

The White House disclosed the news during a Wednesday meeting between senior administration officials and several LGBT advocacy groups and left-leaning think tanks including the Human Rights Campaign, Center for American Progress and the National Gay and the Lesbian Task Force. Those who attended the meeting told NBC News that some of the president’s top advisers including Valerie Jarrett and Cecilia Munoz were in attendance.

The Human Rights Campaign Fund and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have been working on workplace anti-discrimination legislation for years, and they are completely ineffective, and accountable to no one.

We need a change in LGBT leadership. Badly.

straight talk in a queer world.



Gay Pride Crashed By Maine's Wannabe PAC 'No Special Rights'

An outline of the state of Maine and important facts

As Maine Goes - So Goes The Nation!

For Maine’s Gay Rights Foes - So Goes The Obfuscation!

A political action committee has been formed by Christian right-wing extremists in Maine, to oppose the marriage equality referendum appearing on the November 2012 ballot. They kicked off their fundraising scheme by crashing University of Maine’s gay pride week.

Today we examine the history of LGBT rights and the marriage equality movement in Maine, and shine a light on the lies and innuendo that “No Special Rights” are using to raise money and gather support.

April 11, 2012

Wackadoo: GOP Rep. Allen West Says Congress Infiltrated By Communists

Red Scare: "70 to 80, or 81" Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives who are members of the Communist Party

Congressman Allen West (R-FL) is a man who likes the spotlight. Just last week half-term former governor Sarah Palin said that Allen West was her pick to be Willard Mitt Romney’s running mate, and squirmin’ Herman Cain echoed her choice. West said he’d be honored and would consider the offer if asked.

Review: MDNA - Madonna's Still Got It

Miss Madonna Louise Ciccone Still Has A Lotta Talent!

I bought Madonna’s MDNA the day it came out, and I bought the Deluxe Edition CD, because I wanted the best quality tracks, so I could listen to loss-less quality audio, instead of the compressed format that we get when we purchase music via Itunes or amazon.com.

April 10, 2012

Academic Study Reveals The Truth About Anti-Gay Activists: Closet Cases

University Researchers Confirm What LGBT Community Has Long Known

When you’re a 10 year old boy, and the school bullies are taunting, teasing, and threatening your safety every day, the primary theme of the bullying campaign generally revolves around you being called gay, or a faggot, because those words hurt - even when you don’t know what the words mean.

April 9, 2012

LGBT Brigham Young University Students Bravely Share Their Stories

The Official LDS Church Position: Only Celibate LGBT Members Allowed!

A group of amazing and very brave students at Brigham Young University, made an “It Gets Better” video, and came out publicly, despite the long history of bigotry and hate that the Mormon church has exhibited toward LGBTQ individuals.  

Video: It Gets Better at BYU

The BYU student video is so well done, touching, informative, and effective that it needs to be seen. I hope you’ll watch it here.

Bully: The MPAA Responds to Pressure & Comes To Their Senses

‘Bully’ Filmmakers & The Weinstein Co. Cuts 3 “F-Words” & The MPAA Changed Film Rating

I have to congratulate Katy Butler, and Lee Hirsch, for successfully using the change.org petition platform to communicate the public’s outrage about the MPAA’s decision to give an “R-rating” to the film “Bully.” Their activism, together with the half million people who signed the change.org petition, and a small edit to the film, has resulted in the MPAA changing the rating to PG-13 rating, which will ensure that everyone can see the movie.

April 8, 2012


Happy Easter and Happy Passover to my friends, my family, and the readers of this blog.

Much Love,


April 6, 2012

Politics: Romney Donates Big Money To Anti-Gay Groups

Romney Will Be First Major Party Nominee To Have Given Financial Support To Hate Groups - In Post Civil Rights Era (1964)

April 5, 2012

Hollywood: Actor Jeremy Renner Says “It's Not F***ing True”

Academy Award Nominee Sits Down With The Hollywood Reporter To Promote “Bourne” Franchise

The Hurt Locker star, Jeremy Renner, sat down for an intense and frank interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Not far into the interview, the reporter, Stephen Galloway, asks him about his sexuality. He writes:

Gay Today: Alaska Votes For Discrimination & Rejects LGBT Law

New Briefs: Anchorage Voters Reject Extension of Rights Protections, GLAAD and MTPC Launch "I AM: Trans People Speak" Video Series, Exposing the National Organization for Marriage

Willard Mitt Romney Prefers Vanilla Coke --- If You're Curious

Is Caffeine OK For Mormons? Or Is It Just OK For Special Mormons?

April 4, 2012

Politico Naively Suggests GOP Retreat On Marriage - But We Know Better

House Republicans Think Americans Are Stupid, Women Are Their Property, And LGBT Students Not Worthy Of Protections

There it was in black and white, with two reporters on the byline, because the story was so big, with many sources to check, and legislators and insiders to speak with, lots of fact checking, because they announced the big news that “Republicans Retreat On Gay Marriage.” It says it right there, on politico.com.

April 3, 2012

Irish Parish Priest Stands Accused Of Presenting Horrifying Gay Porn Images

The Meeting Attendees Viewed 16 Gay Porn Images, Listened To A Church Presentation,  And Then Expressed Outrage And Horror When It Was Over.   

Try to picture this scene in your head. You’re a good Catholic family and you’ve baptized your children at your local parish church. You enrolled your children in the Catholic primary school, and you have a son or daughter who is 7 years old, and in the second grade, and it’s time for the students to plan for their first confession. Your child brings home a notice from the parish priest, that the second grade parents are invited to a school meeting, to review the first communion mass and celebration, and what is expected of the children and parents on this blessed day.

Willard Mitt Romney: Are Questions About His Mormon Faith Off-Limits?

Romney And The Mormon Church Better Fasten Their Seat Belts, It’s Going To Be A Very Bumpy Ride

Our founding fathers made it clear that a “Christian” litmus test, was out of bounds, and unconstitutional. With that being the case, is it fair to ask a candidate about their religion?

Santorum: Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

KPIX Anchor Dana King Implores Santorum: Get Your Facts Straight!

I was watching the late showing of the eleven o’clock news on KPIX CBS 5 in San Francisco, after Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show. I had watched the news at 6pm and 11pm on channel 7. The local news reports all day have focused on the horrific school shooting and tragedy in Oakland. I have to say that my heart goes out to the victims and their families.

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