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April 19, 2012

Comment of the Day: Iowa Teacher Speaks Out About Bullying

Anne: They learned the behavior from parents.

An Iowa teacher, known as Anne, raises an interesting point.

The KTIV news website has a comment from a former South O’Brien school district teacher, who left a comment about Kenneth Weishuhn’s suicide. She made the statement that “They learned the behavior from the parents.”  I’ve often thought that was true. What do you think?

As someone who used to live and teach in the South O'Brien "community", I can't say I'm surprised. In my time with the school district, I saw bullying happen every day. As far as the bullies are concerned, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. They learned the behavior from the parents. I can recall one circumstance where a GROUP of parents was criticizing a student at South O'Brien for being gay. I was absolutely blown away that a group of parents would treat a child like this. It is unfortunate that this young man felt there was no other way out. Maybe now, the school administration will realize they have a very real problem. I agree, not everyone who lives in Paullina/Primghar is a bad person, but there are plenty of bad apples in that community. Is it any wonder why I'm no longer there?    


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