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April 5, 2012

Gay Today: Alaska Votes For Discrimination & Rejects LGBT Law

New Briefs: Anchorage Voters Reject Extension of Rights Protections, GLAAD and MTPC Launch "I AM: Trans People Speak" Video Series, Exposing the National Organization for Marriage

Alaska voters went to the polls this week, and in Anchorage, there was an anti-discrimination ordinance on the ballot.  William Yardley writes in the New York Times:

It has been more than 35 years since George M. Sullivan, the former mayor of Anchorage, vetoed a bill passed by the city assembly that would have extended basic civil rights protections to gays. It has been three years since his son, Dan, the current mayor, vetoed a similar bill.  

On Tuesday, supporters of gay rights in the city, Alaska’s largest, took the issue out of the mayor’s hands — but the end result was the same. In a citywide ballot measure, voters overwhelmingly rejected language, known as Proposition 5, that would have added protections for people regardless of “sexual orientation or transgender identity” to the city’s civil rights laws.

A surprisingly strong turnout caused many polling sites to run out of ballots late Tuesday, and as many as 8,000 votes, possibly more, had not been counted on Wednesday, said Barbara Gruenstein, the clerk for the Municipality of Anchorage. But Proposition 5 trailed by nearly 9,000 votes, defying polls that had suggested it would succeed.

I know it’s probably naive of me to say, but I’m always shocked when people vote to discriminate against friends and neighbors. Why?

GLAAD and MTPC Launch "I AM: Trans People Speak" video series

In the Edge Dallas, Sue O’Connell writes about GLAAD and the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) announcing the national launch of the video series “I AM: Trans People Speak.” Sue writes:

The campaign aims to spotlight the stories of transgender Americans and their allies in an effort to educate the public about transgender issues. GLAAD and MTPC are also urging members of the transgender community and their allies to create their own videos.

The video series and written testimonials illuminate the realities and challenges of being transgender. Those participating in the campaign will discuss their experiences in their communities, workplaces and families, as well as their thoughts on the current state of transgender awareness and equality.

You can get further information by clicking on this link: Trans People Speak

Exposing the National Organization for Marriage

The Edge New York published an article entitled “Exposing the National Organization for Marriage” by Sue O’Connell, that shares more information about the documents released in Maine, related to NOM and their national campaign strategy to defeat gay marriage. Sue writes:

On Monday night, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) publicized a series of documents marked "confidential" that outlined the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) plan to stop marriage equality. The plan details a multi-year attack including this shocking passage:

Pit Gays Against Blacks & Latinos

(1) Make opposition to gay marriage a key identity badge for African- Americans and Latinos.
(2) Interrupt the equation of gay with black.
(3) Get blacks to object to calling gay marriage a civil right.
(4) Provoke gays to denounce blacks as bigots.
(5) Find attractive, young, black Democrats to oppose white, gay marriage advocates.
(6) Get politicians to shun them both.

Aside from having no morals, I think we should start referring to NOM like the scum that they are.

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