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April 12, 2012

Gay Pride Crashed By Maine's Wannabe PAC 'No Special Rights'

An outline of the state of Maine and important facts

As Maine Goes - So Goes The Nation!

For Maine’s Gay Rights Foes - So Goes The Obfuscation!

A political action committee has been formed by Christian right-wing extremists in Maine, to oppose the marriage equality referendum appearing on the November 2012 ballot. They kicked off their fundraising scheme by crashing University of Maine’s gay pride week.

Today we examine the history of LGBT rights and the marriage equality movement in Maine, and shine a light on the lies and innuendo that “No Special Rights” are using to raise money and gather support.

Maine’s LGBT Rights History 1995 - Present

Maine has been a hotbed of activity, in the LGBT rights movement, for almost 20 years. In November of 1995, Maine voters rejected a referendum to limit anti-discrimination protections to those already covered by existing law. This was an attempt to forbid state and local governments from extending anti-discrimination laws to cover LGBT residents.

In May of 1997, Maine approved an LGBT anti-discrimination law, which was repealed 7 months later in February of 1998. In November of 2000, voters were asked to approve a second anti-discrimination law that had been approved by the state legislature, and the measure was rejected.

In the Spring of 2005, the state legislature enacted another anti-discrimination law - “An Act to Extend Civil Rights Protections to All People Regardless of Sexual Orientation” - that was signed by the Governor - and approved by voters in November of 2005. LD1196 prohibits discrimination against anyone who is LGBT or perceived to be LGBT, in employment, public accommodations, housing, credit and education, and the law remains.

In May of 2009, the Maine state legislature passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, and Governor John Baldacci signed the law, to take effect 90 days later. Opponents of marriage equality announced that they would try to repeal the law by referendum. In September of 2009, Maine’s Secretary of State certified that there were enough petition signatures to place the repeal on the November ballot. On November 3, 2009 - 53% of the electorate voted to repeal the law, and same-sex marriage was no more.

In January 2012, Equality Maine submitted petitions to the Maine Secretary of State, to certify that there were enough signatures to place another marriage equality referendum on the November 2012 ballot. In February 2012, the Secretary of State announced that Equality Maine was successful, and that the measure would appear on the November 2012 ballot. The proposed law is entitled “An Act to Allow Marriage Licenses for Same-Sex Couples and Protect Religious Freedom.”

The text of Maine's ballot referendum is:
Do you favor a law allowing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, that protects religious freedom by ensuring that no religion or clergy be required to perform such a marriage in violation of their religious beliefs?
I think it’s safe to guess that since the leading LGBT rights organization in the state initiated this referendum, that they are fairly confident that there’s a good chance it will pass. In the 2009 campaign, religious leaders strongly opposed same sex marriage, and the text of this law gives an exemption to religious institutions. Does it make marriage equality more palatable to religious leaders? I don’t know - though it certainly makes the campaign more interesting.

No Special Rights PAC leader Mike Heath's ant-gay LIES

'No Special Rights' Kicks Off Anti-Gay Campaign By Lying

April 9th, 2012 was the start of gay pride week at the University of Maine (UMaine), and the university has a rainbow flag raising ceremony to mark the occasion. Dean of Students Robert Dana said “Pride week is a time for the school to celebrate diversity and assure members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community that the university is a supportive place.”

Marriage equality opponents Mike Heath and Paul Madore, announced they would hold a press conference at UMaine to greet the start of gay pride week. Heath and Madore are the founders of a Maine political action committee, No Special Rights, which was formed to raise money for the campaign opposing same-sex marriage.

Their press release said “it is the first day of ‘Pride Week’ on the Maine university system’s flagship campus. Students and faculty are encouraged during ‘Pride Week’ to be proud of sexual deviance.” Madore added “It’s time to get serious with society on the issue of homosexuality and the practical effects that are very harmful to society that this distorted and perverted lifestyle will have. It’s time to take the gloves off.”

Heath and Madore crashed the UMaine gay pride week kickoff as they promised.

According to the Portland Press Herald Associated Press story:
ORONO — Two outspoken opponents of same-sex marriage visited the University of Maine to speak out against a gay marriage referendum Monday, the same day as the kickoff of the school’s weeklong pride week. 
Paul Madore and Mike Heath have formed the No Special Rights PAC and are raising money to campaign against November’s statewide referendum asking voters if they want to legalize gay marriage. Heath and Madore have actively opposed gay rights and gay marriage initiatives in Maine for nearly 20 years. 
They distributed fliers, talked with reporters and spoke in opposition to gay marriage on the Orono campus Monday, next to a separate anti-abortion display. By coincidence, they were located 10 yards or so from where a gay pride flag was raised ceremonially to kick off UMaine Pride Week. 
Madore said he opposes legalizing same-sex marriage because he considers it an attack on religious liberties. He further said homosexuality represents a “culture of death” because of its links to AIDS and because it “doesn’t bring forth life.”
The eleven demands that comprise No Special Rights PAC truth pledge

The fliers these clowns were passing out included a No Special Rights Truth Pledge.

The 'Truth Pledge' states:
  1. Go to the polls and vote NO on Sodomy Based Marriage in November.
  2. Find ten people who each contribute $50 to the No Special Rights PAC before September 1, 2012.
  3. Use the term “Sodomy Based Marriage” and avoid the deceptive terms “Same sex or gay marriage”
  4. Inform my friends and neighbors that the term “same sex marriage” contain two contradictory terms, and are therefore illogical, false, and absurd.
  5. Marriage is a covenant that is entered into between two people and is based on a difference in gender; and there can be no moral or legal right to a practice which defies logic, common sense, and the Natural Law itself.
  6. Help my friends and neighbors understand that special rights are wrong. These special rights must be rejected by all fair minded people.
  7. Inform voters that homosexual rights are really an attack on the religious freedom of all Christian men and women especially those who are truly Christian and oppose special rights for homosexuals.
  8. Inform voters that the homosexual rights movement deceptively claims to work for “equality” and “fairness” while at the same time oppressing, silencing and persecuting those who hold religious or moral objections to homosexuality.
  9. Reaffirm the Christian church’s teaching that a child must never be denied the right to have both a mother and a father. Oppose the hellish doctrine that two parents of the same sex make better parents than parents of the opposite sex, an evil doctrine which is now being advanced by the homosexual rights movement.
  10. Oppose homosexual indoctrination into the curricula of our schools.
  11. Pray that God will deliver our State and Country from this attack  by demonic forces, and that marriage between man and woman will be restored to its rightful place of honor, to the glory of Almighty God.

The Poorly Regarded Clown College Dropouts Mike Heath and Paul Madore

No Special Rights leaders and Clown College dropouts Mike Heath (left) and Paul Madore (right)

Marriage equality in this political action committee’s eyes must be defined as “Sodomy Based Marriage.” These clowns aren’t lawyers - and I wonder if they’ve conferred with one. What do they teach at clown college these days? Do they think that their semantics will endear them to voters? Will voters reject same-sex marriage because of their inflammatory language?

In 2003, the United States Supreme Court invalidated all sodomy laws, in the landmark decision Lawrence v. Texas. By referring to marriage equality as “Sodomy Based Marriage,” they aren’t indicating anything illegal or prurient. The Lawrence v. Texas decision, was a watershed moment in the struggle for LGBT rights, and maybe it’s nice that they’re paying tribute to it.

In the No Special Rights Pledge, they fail to cite one true fact, or substantiate any legal or moral reason, to deny the citizens of the state of Maine marriage equality. If they campaign with rhetoric like the LGBT community is a “culture of death,” and that we should be discriminated against because we don’t “bring forth life,” I think they’ll be chasing voters away, and into the arms of same-sex marriage supporters.

You don’t win an election spewing hate, and spreading blatant lies and mischaracterizations. That’s what Rick ‘Sicko’ Santorum tried to do to Willard 'Mitt' Romney with robo-calls, and where did that get him?

Santorum, Heath and Madore really deserve each other - and Santorum will be out of work again shortly. They should get together - as the three of them share the same views - and they’d be perfect together.

Coincidentally The Three Stooges  opens in theaters this weekend!

I think that’s a sign - and a good one at that.

There’s a famous political saying As Maine Goes - So Goes The Nation, which inspired me to come up with a new one about this Christian flim-flam group.

For Maine’s Gay Rights Foes - So Goes The Obfuscation!

They're selling lies and blurring the truth.

And so goes the obfuscation.

Straight talk indeed.

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