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April 26, 2012

On Blogging, On Flogging, And Jogging (Not Really)


The Blogger Confesses: Looking For Trouble In The Name Of Our Cause - Part 2

I doubt that anyone will be shocked by this, but I think you’ll be interested if you want to read about a minor scoop, and hear a little gossip. This is a public blog that anyone can read, I just ask that you keep this one to yourself for a short time. The photos are going to be smaller than usual. Just click on them and you’ll be able to see the pics better.

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 I’m new to blogging, and when I first started I thought it would be fairly easy to do.

I was completely wrong about that folks. Totally wrong.

You have to decide on what content you’re going to write about. You have to source your material, and then you have to read and research your topic. Then you get to write.

Then I look for the art. Crop the art. Make it fit. Does it accurately reflect the story. Will it make people curious to click on the story?

I don’t know anything about coding a website. Scratch that. I’ve now learned enough to fix quirks in the blogging platform, that affect site design, but I know a very little, and I should probably know more.

I wrote for my school newspapers from middle school to college. I write what I know is the truth. When I offer an opinion, it is my truth. When I write, I try to stick to the good journalistic practices I was taught.

While I was researching the Boy Scouts story, I started with Wikipedia. I scanned the BSA entry, and there was very little mentioned about lawsuits and discrimination. Eventually I found additional pages within Wikipedia, that described some of the discriminatory practices, but the odd thing was that very little was mentioned within the primary BSA page itself.

When you see a page within Wikipedia, in the upper right hand corner there are tabs for editing the page, and viewing the history of the page. What I found so interesting about the Boy Scout page, is the number of edits that the page has seen over time. And the sections that get the most attention, is related to the membership section.  The membership section of the Wikipedia section is so small, and had such little information, that I looked at the “view history” entries to see if there were any references to things “gay” or “homosexual.”

Guess what I found?

Before I tell you about my detective work, I should give you a little background. I have edited entries, and contributed research, to Wikipedia from time to time. Anyone can do it, and I’ve helped them out a few times., so I know the lay of the land.

And let’s just say that I noticed that some people guard their page rather fiercely. Especially a man named Sicko (in these parts), and his last name sounds like santa-bore-em.

In the year prior to him announcing that he was running for President, either Sicko himself, or one of his henchmen, started watching his page like a hawk. I would add 2 sentences about his anti-gay record, and the next day it would be gone. I would add it back, and the same thing happened. I don’t remember how long this went on for, but it was over a few month period. Eventually I contacted some other editors in a talk forum, there was a consensus, and the information was added to his page rather permanently.

While looking at the Boy Scouts page, I noticed that one particular wikipedia editor, seemed to guard that page rather fiercely. I’m not going to refer to him by name, or user name, because I don’t want him to know my plan. You can see his information if you click on the full size images within this blog post.

There was one glaring edit he made, and he left a comment. Someone added a few sentences about the anti-gay policy, and he deleted it. His explanation said, and I quote “BSA policy on homosexuality is no longer on BSA Legal.org.” Therefore, because he didn’t see anti-gay statements at BSALegal dot org, he wouldn’t allow anyone to write about anti-gay BSA policies.

This individual might be violating the rules of Wikipedia by censoring and editing out the truth.

The rule about editing Wikipedia entries says “do not edit wikipedia to promote your own interests.” Oops. I only did it one time! I swear!

The Boy Scout page currently says: 

 “Girls can only join Venturing, though women can be adult volunteers in all programs.”

I am going to edit the page to say, 

 “Heterosexual girls can only join Venturing, and only heterosexual women can be adult volunteers in all programs.”

I wonder what will happen. Stay tuned!

PS: I made the change and took a screen shot which I’ve attached. I wonder how long the keeper of the page will allow the page to stand.

wikipedia boy scouts

wikipedia boy scouts

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