April 25, 2012

San Francisco Apple Store - Not A Shopper To Be Found On A Day That Apple Announces Huge Profits

Greenpeace Protest At San Francisco Apple Store

Greenpeace Protest Highlights Apple’s Failure To Address Environmental Concerns

On a day that Apple announced record profits, their San Francisco flagship store was empty, because no one would go into the store. Greenpeace was protesting Apple's massive cloud initiative, and their new data centers, that will utilize energy produced by burning coal, that will have log-term negative effects on North Carolina, and our nation.

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On a day that Apple released their earnings report, and the Wall Street Journal crowed that “Apple Profits Nearly Double On IPhone, IPad Sales,” it was a warm and beautiful day, in Cupertino and San Francisco.

I was in the financial district, and decided that I wanted to stop at the Apple store, to lay my near-sighted eyes on the “Resolutionary” Ipad 3 again. I wanted to check it out one more time before pulling the trigger to buy one. You see I’m torn between the Ipad 2 and the Ipad 3. The Ipad 2 is a more sensible investment, but the Ipad 3 is a thing of beauty (If I fall for the marketing hype).

As I got closer to the store, and looked up ahead, I heard some chanting and saw a couple of news camera crews. I had skillfully traversed a huge SEIU protest march that was disrupting traffic, and consuming the police, just minutes earlier. I thought I’d gotten ahead of them, and left them shouting and chanting in the canyons of the downtown skyscrapers.(The SEIU protest of city workers had over 1000 participants, and there were over 20 arrests.)  

I cursed the SEIU protesters for disrupting my day again, as I realized that the activists who had surrounded the Apple store were much more benevolent. They were smiling, and wearing brightly colored shirts, and shouting about the cloud. I looked up at the blue sky, as you would.......and couldn’t see a cloud at all. I took a few photos, scratched my head, and thought and thought I’ll come back another day.

San Francisco Apple Store Greenpeace Protest

The residents of San Francisco are a smart and savvy bunch. We don’t disrupt protests, we support free speech, we respect any picket lines or protesters, and we don’t cross them. Even if we disagree with their message, that’s what we do. No one was going into the Apple store on this day of record profits.

Just as I was turning to go I was approached with a big smile, by a very friendly and cute Greenpeace activist. We had a brief and lovely chat, and she filled me in on the economic and environmental destruction that coal powered electricity has on the environment.  Then we spoke about Apple, and the billions of dollars in cash that they are sitting on, and how shameful it is for an American Corporation with unlimited resources, to build huge data centers that will cause a tremendous amount of pollution and harm to our eco-system. All in the name of the cloud?

SEIU Protest March Market Street

As I walked away I told my new friend that I would be writing about this today on my blog. I told her to check it out, and like a true idiot I didn’t get her name.

When I got home I read some of the studies that Greenpeace conducted, and signed the petition supporting their efforts, and it’d be cool if you would do that too. Apple, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft are all embarking on huge campaigns to encourage cloud computing, and Google and Facebook are right behind them. These companies continue to make record profits, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask of them, or expect,  that they use their technical abilities to build green data centers and find alternative fuel sources.

When I signed the petition, the site asked me if I wanted to put a post on Facebook about the petition. They don’t know I don’t like Facebook (Google Plus is more fun and less Big Brotherish - check it out!). So I wrote a message for my family and friends - that I’m going to share here - and I meant every word of it. (I didn’t realize that Google announced their new “cloud” initiative, when I wrote this.)

If my Greenpeace friend gets to read this blog post - thank you!

Visit cleanourcloud.com for more information.


I think I'm turning into a hippie - and the only thing I can't muster are the damn dreadlocks (fucking chemo). Birkenstocks, muessli and Greenpeace rules!

With all of the talk of our lives and data being stored in the "cloud" - it is imperative that we do everything we can to improve the environment for future generations, not destroy it!

Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are the largest technology companies investing in the cloud currently, and Google and Facebook could be entering the "cloud" market in the future. With the energy demands that these data centers command, we must find a way to use alternative fuel sources to meet our energy needs. Apple has over $80 Billion in cash sitting in the bank - and they can afford to invest in clean alternative fuel sources. We have to demand this for our kids.

I want my fantastic niece and nephews to have every opportunity to thrive in the future. That's why I'm fighting for safe schools, and strong anti-bullying laws. That's why I'm advocating that strong and fair anti-discrimination measures are in place to ensure that no one in this nation of ours - where everyone is allegedly created equal -  loses a job, or is denied a place to live, because someone erroneously says that the Bible says it's OK to discriminate.

In order to be the best country in the world, we have to demand that in every way possible, that we set an example that the rest of the world will envy and follow. Being responsible stewards of our fragile eco-system and environment is an important  part of that.

Please consider going to cleanourcloud.com and sign the petition.

Your kids, or your nieces and nephews, deserve the best. Help make it happen!

Thanks for listening!


Roy xxx

If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there

Greenpeace Cloud Cleaning In Process Stockton St

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