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April 7, 2012

Saturday Shorts: Gay Family Will Attend Easter Egg Roll, Cardinal Dolan Still Hates Gays, The Pope Is Intolerant

Gay Family Will Confront President, Cardinal Dolan Reaffirms His Bigotry, Pope Benedict Says No To Dissent

Gay Family Travels To Washington For Easter Egg Roll & To Urge President Obama To Sign Executive Order Prohibiting Discrimination

Jarrod Scarbrough and Les Sewell, and their 8 year old daughter, have travelled from their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Washington, DC - to attend the Easter egg roll on the south lawn of the White House. They are also going to ask the President to sign an Executive Order that currently is sitting on his desk, waiting for his signature.

According to Aliyah Shahid’s story in the New York Daily News, the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor have reviewed and approved an Executive Order that would prohibit employment discrimination by federal contractors, on the basis of one’s sexual orientation.

"I work for a federal contractor, and there's a piece of paper sitting on President Obama's desk that would give me a little more security for my family," said Scarbrough, who works for United Healthcare, in a statement."

"As so many families gather on the White House lawn next week, I hope that the First Family takes a moment to reflect on how hard gay families like mine work to ensure that we have the stability and security that so many others take for granted," Scarbrough said.

"My message -- and the message of my family -- echoes President Obama's campaign slogan: We can't wait. It's time for President Obama to sign this Executive Order."

I hope that Jarrod and his family get to meet the President, in order to discuss the Executive order. While the Order would only apply to federal contractor’s, it would be a small step toward enacting comprehensive legislation that would apply to every state in the union.

Joseph Amodeo Resigns From Catholic Charities Due To Cardinal Dolan’s Bigotry

Joseph Amodeo, a 24 year old New Yorker and Sunday school teacher, resigned from the city’s  Junior Board of Catholic Charities, because the rabidly homophobic Cardinal Timothy Dolan didn’t respond to his call for help, to assist homeless LGBTQ youth.

I saw this story on, as reported by VERENA DOBNIK for Associated Press. She writes:

The conflict started with a letter to Dolan from Carl Siciliano, founder of the nonprofit Ali Forney Center that offers emergency services to homeless gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people. He said the cardinal's "loud and strident voice against the acceptance of LGBT people" creates "a climate where parents turn on their own children."

"As youths find the courage and integrity to be honest about who they are at younger ages, hundreds of thousands are being turned out of their homes and forced to survive alone on the streets by parents who cannot accept having a gay child," Siciliano wrote in his letter, sent last week.

Siciliano, who is Catholic, said parents who are strongly religious are much more likely to reject children who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Of the nation's homeless youths, as many as 40 percent are LGBT, studies show.

Siciliano received a response from the cardinal in a letter dated March 28.

"For you to make the allegations and insinuations you do in your letter based on my adherence to the clear teachings of the Church is not only unfair and unjust, but inflammatory," Dolan wrote. "Neither I nor anyone in the Church would ever tolerate hatred of or prejudice towards any of the Lord's children."

So the gay hating Cardinal said the Catholic church doesn’t tolerate hatred or prejudice towards the “Lord’s children,” but when these kids grow up and are adults, the church says we have to hate LGBTQ people. And by the way - I don’t tolerate hatred or prejudice toward these kids, and because of your inflammatory remarks I have no help to offer.

"Every Sunday, I teach second-graders to `love thy neighbor,' but then, when we as a church have a teachable moment, we fail," Amodeo told the AP in a telephone interview.

He said the cardinal "failed to respond to a call for pastoral assistance, to answer the question, `What can we do together as a church and as a people for youths who are homeless?"

BRAVO Joseph Amodeo! Cardinal Dolan can’t see the forest for the trees, and his shameful and despicable behavior is a black mark on the church.

Pope Benedict XVI Has No Tolerance For Dissent Within Church

Pope Benedict XVI used his Holy Thursday homily to reaffirm that the Roman Catholic Church does not approve of a European based movement called the Preacher’s Initiative, which is lobbying for the ordination of women, and a change in doctrine that requires all priests to be celibate.

Rachel Donadio wrote about the Pope’s remarks, in The New York Times.

Referring to recent efforts by clerics in Austria and elsewhere, Benedict said that although such priests claim to act out of “concern for the church,” they are driven by their “own preferences and ideas,” and should instead turn toward a “radicalism of obedience” — a phrase that perfectly captures the essence of the theologian pope’s thought.

While there was nothing new in the contents of Benedict’s message, it was one of the strongest — and most direct — speeches of a seven-year-old reign that has more often been dominated by a sexual abuse scandal, repeated tangles with other faiths and a Vatican hierarchy in disarray. It also showed Benedict, who at almost 85 has been showing his age, in fighting form as a defender of orthodoxy, favoring a smaller church of more ardent believers over a larger community that relies on what he sees as diluted doctrine.

Sounds like a sure fire way to alienate more members of a church, while you watch membership numbers dwindle.

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