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April 23, 2012

Wackadoo Bryan Fischer - Republican, Hate Group Spokesman, Serial Liar. Not Very Happy About Romney Gay Hire!

Bryan Fischer Richard Grenell
Bryan Fischer Isn't Happy About Richard Grenell
 Romney’s New Gay Hire Is Forced To Exorcise His Inner Bitchy Queen - And The AFA Can Drop Dead

I mentioned this Romney hire in another context on Saturday, and the story just keeps on giving!

Willard Mitt Romney hired openly gay public relations guru, Richard Grenell, to work on his campaign team, as his his foreign policy spokesman last week. Most people wouldn’t pay much attention to this hire, because in the grand scheme of things, campaign spin doctors don’t command much attention.

I’m surprised that this story has lasted more than one 24 hour news cycle - but thanks to the power of twitter, people are still talking about Richard Grenell.

On April 19th, Andrew Sullivan, the conservative gay blogger and columnist at the Daily Beast mentioned Romney hiring Grenell. He wrote:

For Romney to have an openly gay spokesman is a real outreach to gay Republicans, a subtle signal to moderates, and the Santorum faction's reaction will be worth noting.

Andrew Sullivan The Dish

Who is the Santorum faction? Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council (FRC) is part of Santorum’s faction, as is Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association (AFA). These two men are the talking heads for their respective anti-gay hate groups.

While I disagree with Andrew’s characterization that Romney’s hiring of a queer foreign policy spokesman and advisor, for his campaign operation, is outreach to gay Republicans, and a signal to moderates - his Santorum faction comment was very perceptive.

Fischer is the spokesman and Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy Issues at AFA., and has made a career out of making patently false statements, and spreading absolute lies, on his radio program, to anyone who will listen, about the gay community, and Native Americans.

Here are just a few of the more choice remarks that Fischer has made in the recent  past.

  • I am convinced that the number one group, the number one class of people who are committing hate crimes today are homosexual activists. 

  • HIV is not a disease, it’s a racket to make money

  • The superstition, savagery and sexual immorality of native Americans played in making them morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil

Fischer recently said this about Romney “He’s a spiritually compromised candidate; that’s the only way to put it. If he goes into the Oval Office, he will be the first polytheist that we’ve ever had as a president. Mitt Romney would be the first non-Christian president that we’ve ever had.” So it’s safe to assume that he doesn’t support Romney.

This is from the brilliant Right Wing Watch:

Fischer made news when he asserted that Adolf Hitler surrounded himself with gay soldiers because ‘he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders.’  Yesterday, he went even further (if such a thing is possible) and asserted that gays are literally Nazis and that they will "do the same thing to you that the Nazis did to their opponents in Nazi Germany"
It’s clear that the man is a wackadoo, and this wackadoo has a daily radio show that is broadcast on 145 radio stations around the country. 

Fischer took to twitter to register that since Romney hired Grenell, he was telling the “pro-family community to drop dead.” Here are his tweets.

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Bryan Fischer AFA Wingnut Homophobe Tweets

Well Mr. Fischer - if Romney doesn’t tell the anti-gay organizations that masquerade as a pro-family community to drop dead, I’ll do it for him and the rest of my community. Your anti-family and anti-gay organization should go ahead and drop dead.

Forgive me as I digressed. As you can see from his series of tweets, he is obsessed with gay sex, Secret Service sex, sex, and what goes on in people’s bedrooms.

Richard Grenell Is In Touch With His Inner Bitchy Queen

After Romney hired Grenell, the press started to look at the thousands of tweets that Richard Grenell had initiated. I have to say that I can identify with many of Grenell’s tweets, and as a part-time bitchy queen myself, I can relate to what he said. The difference between Grenell and me is that I might think what he’s saying, and I might say what I think to whoever is in my immediate vicinity, but I’d think twice about tweeting some of the things his inner queen said on twitter.

Michael Calderone of the Huffington Post wrote about Grenell’s twitter problem.

NEW YORK -- Richard Grenell, a former Bush administration official who joined the Romney campaign Thursday as national security and foreign policy spokesman, appears to have deleted more than 800 of his past tweets following scrutiny over numerous swipes aimed at the media, prominent Democratic women and the Gingriches.

ThinkProgress noted Grenell's tendency to make cutting remarks about the appearances of prominent women in media and politics, including his tweet advising MSNBC host Rachel Maddow "to take a breath and put on a necklace," and another suggesting she resembled a Justin Bieber.

In another tweet, Grenell wrote that "Hillary is starting to look liek Madeline [sic] Albright." He discussed First Lady Michelle Obama working out and "sweating on the East Room carpet." He also asked whether Callista Gingrich's "hair snaps on," and on another occasion, commented how Gingrich's third wife "stands there like she is wife #1." Politico flagged more examples and noted Grenell's "old pastime" of "ridiculing the Gingriches."

When contacted about Romney's hiring of Grenell and his removal of online writing, a campaign spokesperson referred The Huffington Post to a response Grenell gave to Politico. "My tweets were written to be tongue-in-cheek and humorous but I can now see how they can also be hurtful," Grenell said. "I didn’t mean them that way and will remove them from twitter. I apologize for any hurt they caused."

Twitter is getting lots of free publicity, while serial liar Bryan Fisher continues to think about sex and voice his displeasure with Romney. Poor Richard Grenell has to exorcise his inner queen - so that he can help Romney try to defeat Barack Obama next November.

It’s just another day in the crazy world of politics.

I say long live the queen!

straight talk in a queer world.



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