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May 30, 2012

Bible Scholar Accuses Piers Morgan Of Promoting Bigotry

Piers Morgan with Jonah Goldberg
Piers Morgan with Jonah Goldberg
If This Is The Standard - Most Print And Broadcast Journalists Are Guilty Too

I received a press release this morning from Bible scholar Dr. Joel M. Hoffman. In his press release he accuses CNN host Piers Morgan of promoting bigotry. His charge stems from the fact that during 2 interviews with Pastor Joel Osteen, the homophobic Osteen stated emphatically that “scripture calls homosexuality a sin,” and as any student of the Bible knows, the Bible doesn’t say that at all. Hoffman feels that because Morgan didn’t challenge Osteen directly, and failed to ask him to cite where in the Bible it says that “homosexuality is a sin,” that Morgan is promoting bigotry.

Hoffman, an internationally recognized expert in Bible translation, posted the entire letter on his personal blog after he sent it to Morgan and his staff.

The controversy stems from two on-air interviews Morgan conducted with Pastor Joel Osteen. During both, the religious leader told Morgan's television audience that "Scripture calls homosexuality a sin." Hoffman wrote to ask why Morgan didn't ask Osteen where the Bible says that.

"The Bible doesn't say that homosexuality is a sin," Hoffman wrote.

Hoffman elaborates in follow-up comments on his blog.

He acknowledges that "in some places the Bible seems to frown on certain homosexual acts," referring to often-cited passages in Leviticus, Romans, and I Corinthians.

But Hoffman also claims that other parts of the Bible actually encourage same-sex marriage.
In addition, he explains that the Bible uses the word "sin" frequently, but never in connection with homosexuality, and that furthermore, the Bible only addresses very specific aspects of homosexuality, not homosexuality in general.

"Why didn't you challenge Pastor Osteen on this basic factual issue?" Hoffman asked Morgan in his letter, adding that the "glaring omission is all the more surprising in light of [Morgan's] claim to be 'challenging.'"

Is Piers Morgan promoting bigotry, or is Piers Morgan just not doing a great job? Maybe he doesn’t do enough homework prior to an interview, or doesn’t feel confident about his knowledge of scripture, to challenge a pastor.

Piers Morgan interviewed homophobe Kirk Cameron, and Cameron said the same thing and he wasn’t challenged either. Morgan interviewed homophobic Congresswoman Michele ‘Bozo’ Bachmann, and she inferred the same thing. Morgan tried to draw her out to make an outrageous anti-gay comment, but she wouldn’t bite.

Piers Morgan is not homophobic, and is very gay friendly. I think that Morgan is much like his brethren in the press corp. Most television news personalities are not familiar with Leviticus, the Book of Romans, or Deuteronomy. They have no confidence about what the Bible says, so they never challenge the incorrect Bible interpretations.

Rather than challenge Piers Morgan, I would challenge all of the television news reporters and personalities about this issue. They are all guilty of not doing a very good job when interviewing these so called religious leaders, with the exception of Anderson Cooper and maybe Brooke Baldwin. Our community should be challenging all reporters.

I think that just picking on Piers Morgan is a little unfair and disengenuous, when this is a widespread problem in journalism.

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