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May 14, 2012

Indiana Hometown Mourns Tori Swoape's Death While High School Says No Evidence Of Bullying Here

Two amazing Muncie 13 year olds organized a "Stand Up! Speak Out: Stop Bullying for Tori” vigil and rally.

Indiana high school student Tori Swoape, 15 ended her life on May 8, 2012 - and her high school principal says they could find no evidence of bullying. Two amazing 13 year olds organized a vigil to honor Tori and to promote the end of bullying. 

According to news accounts, Tori was bullied by a group of young girls at school. She had moved to Bloomington after growing up in Muncie, which was 112 miles away.

When the Indianapolis Star contacted Tori’s school, Bloomington High School North, the school principal said they had found no evidence of bullying.

I know from my own personal experience, when I changed schools to start the fifth grade, that the relentless bullying started.

 Last Friday, in Tori’s true hometown of Muncie, 2 middle school students, Alexis Hammond and Kyndall Bowden, both 13, organized a vigil to "Stand Up! Speak Out: Stop Bullying for Tori."

Michele Kinsey wrote in the story that:

MUNCIE -- Lana Swoape looked out over the sea of people -- she estimated that there had to be at least 500 -- and tears began streaming down her face.

"I see a community coming together to support my baby, to put an end to bullying," she said.

The people came from all over the county on Friday -- alone, in pairs, in groups with matching T-shirts, even entire families -- to honor her 15-year-old daughter Tori, and to show their support for an end to bullying. It started small on a grassy patch in the corner of Heekin Park, but grew quickly.

Some knew Tori. Others were complete strangers. All had one thing in common.

"We all want to stand up and say no to bullying!" Gabby Butler, 6, announced, pointing a finger for emphasis.Shirts made for the event reinforced that sentiment. More than 100 purple shirts with "Stand Up! Speak Out: Stop Bullying for Tori" on the front were sold and a pile of orders were stacked on a table, to be filled in the days to come.

That is amazing that 2 thirteen year old girls organized such a fitting tribute to Tori.

We must take concrete action to end this bullying madness, and the culture of teen suicides. It is not acceptable.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I offer no apologies for writing about bullying and suicides, until we as a society --- do something about this.

RIP Tori Swoape.

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