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May 25, 2012

TV's Three Queens: Jim Parsons, Jeff Lewis & Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski Jim Parsons Jeff Lewis
The Three Queens - (L-R) Brad Goreski Jim Parsons Jeff Lewis
The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons didn’t come out, mea culpa to the ‘Queen of Mean’ Jeff Lewis - I was wrong about your show, and Brad Goreski’s reality series It’s A Brad Brad World should be required watching for anti-marriage equality foes.

Roy is rambling on about the incredibly talented Jim Parsons, the ‘Queen of Mean’ Jeff Lewis, and style icon Brad Goreski (and Gary Janetti too).  

Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”

Jim Parsons starring in Harvey
Jim Parsons is Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey
Jim Parsons, the brilliant actor who plays Sheldon Cooper, on the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” is getting ready to open on Broadway, in the classic play “Harvey.” Parsons is taking on the role of Elwood P. Dowd, which was originally played by the inestimable Jimmy Stewart. “Harvey” is currently in previews, and opens on June 14th

Parsons is a veteran of the stage, and worked in New York last summer, during his time off from “The Big Bang Theory.” The Emmy award winning actor was in the ensemble cast of the Broadway revival of Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart.”

In a profile entitled “Stalked by Shadows (And A Rabbit)” that was published Wednesday in The New York Times, Patrick Healy wrote:

“The Normal Heart” resonated with him on a few levels: Mr. Parsons is gay and in a 10-year relationship, and working with an ensemble again onstage was like nourishment, he said. As the production was ending last summer, he heard that the Roundabout Theater Company was considering a revival of “Harvey” — initially with John C. Reilly under consideration for Elwood — and last November the play’s director, Scott Ellis, asked him and Ms. Hecht to do a private reading of the work in Los Angeles.

Some blogs and websites are saying that Jim Parsons “came out.” I’m sorry folks, but Jim Parsons has been out for years. If you ask him about his “coming out” in the New York Times, he’ll probably laugh. He has lived openly with his partner for years, and he was never in the closet - so why should he have to come out?

Jeff Lewis, Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis in Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis in Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis
In March 2012 I wrote a review of the new Jeff Lewis show, and it was an honest assessment.  At the time.....I thought it was an average show.

I didn’t give the first episode of “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis” high marks. I was pissed off that he was so cruel to Jenni Pulos, his most loyal friend and long time employee. I also didn’t like the way he spoke to the contractor, and felt that if proper architectual plans had been prepared and an experienced (expensive) general contractor was on the job, that many of the problems in the first episode wouldn’t have occured.

So this is what I said:

I give the first show a “C” for just being average. Flipping Out was much more compelling. Aside from the fact that the “Queen of Mean” flipped out in every episode, we came to care about Jenni and Zoila, Jett, Sarah and Trace. That’s why we continued to watch. This show is more of a "Changing Rooms" type show, where Miss Lewis transforms a space, and presto - there’s a big reveal at the end. Is it must see TV? No. Admittedly, this was just the first episode, and I'll watch the next few episodes - I'm sure - before I commit to watching every episode.

I watched the 2nd episode, and the 3rd episode, and have watched them all. The show has gotten better each week, and Jeff and Jenni haven’t had any major rows. Jeff is much more intuitive than I gave him credit for initially, and I really like the show.

I was wrong in calling the show “average” and I give the show a solid B+. Each week was different, and interesting. One thing I realized about Miss Lewis, is that she doesn’t need a million dollar budget to do a great job. I don’t know what his budget is in each episode, but I’m sure that he works within his budget, and his taste is pretty impeccable. I hope that Bravo has commissioned another season!

I’d love to see one of the designers on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” do what Jeff does. I doubt they could.

Kudos to Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, and Zoila Chavez. I still want to see more Zoila, and am glad that I continued to watch the show.

Now buy that massage chair for Zoila.

And mea culpa Jeff.

Brad Goreski, It’s A Brad Brad World

Brad Goreski It's A Brad, Brad World
Brad Goreski in It's A Brad, Brad World
I’m a big fan of Brad Goreski, and I know that “It’s A Brad Brad World” has come and gone (too quickly). I’m also a fan of Rachel Zoe and “The Rachel Zoe Project,”  and I’ve watched every episode of both shows.

I hope that Brad continues his success, and I hope that Bravo renewed his show for another season!

If you watched Brad’s show this year, I think you would agree that his enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication to fashion is incredible. Brad wears his heart on his sleeve, for better or worse, and throughout the 8 episodes, the viewers were on a roller coaster with Brad, experiencing his highs and lows. Nothing was sugar coated, and Brad laid himself bare about various problems he’s experienced in his life. He laughed, and he cried - and we laughed and cried right along with him. Bravo Brad (no pun intended).

I think that Brad is a positive role model for LGBTQ kids, and I hope that he continues to be on Bravo’s schedule in the future. He shows that nothing is easy, and that you have to work hard to get what you want.

Brad’s partner Gary Janetti played a central role in Brad’s show. Gary is older than Brad, and gives Brad stability. Gary seems like a super sweet guy, and has the patience of a saint.

Gary and Brad met on the Greek Island of Mykonos. I love Mykonos, and have been there a few times. The story of how they met is very poignant, and the last episode concludes with a party at Brad and Gary’s home - to celebrate their meeting in Mykonos, and their anniversary.

Gary plans a surprise for Brad, that is kept a secret, and then revealed, when he presents it to Brad during the party.

I have to say that anyone who doubts the veracity, commitment and love that two people in an LGBT relationship have for each other - should watch the last episode. If you aren’t moved to tears, or you aren’t touched in some way, by the love and commitment that these two men have for each other, there is something seriously  wrong with you.

Just in case you haven’t seen the episode, I won’t spoil it by discussing the “gift” here, but it is incredible. If you liked “Will & Grace” - Megan Mullaly figures prominently in the last episode (brava!).

I have been meaning to write about Brad’s show for months, and thought this is a good time to write mention him.

I mentioned Rachel Zoe because of Brad’s connection to her. I really hope at some point that Rachel can understand why Brad wanted to go out on his own, and that she realizes that she can be proud of his success - because she helped make him who he is today. Rachel’s damn good at what she does, and that’s never going to change. They will be better as allies - than enemies - and life’s too short for that.

Thank you Brad and Gary for living your life before the cameras. I hope that you endure that again! More people need to see this show - and if you can catch it during a re-run, or on or Itunes - watch the show!   

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