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June 22, 2012

Bullying: Grandmother Of 8 Terrorized By 7th Graders In Viral Video

 Bus monitor terrorized by middle school students.
Terrorized Grandma Getting Over $470K In Donations for Summer Vacation, Bullied Teen Who Lost His Eyesight Is Getting A 3rd Surgery And $0.00 

Roy Steele: I think it’s obvious that Karen Klein is the appetizer, or first course, for those monstrous kids on that bus. By the time they get to school, they are revved up and ready to terrorize someone else for their entree.

GREECE, NY --- A 68 year old school bus monitor from Rochester, New York, was bullied and taunted by 7th graders, on their way to Athena Middle School. While 4 boys verbally attacked Karen Klein on the bus, a classmate of the bullies used a cell phone to record the incident. The 10 minute video was posted to youtube, and it has gone viral.

If you can endure watching the video, you will hear non-stop yelling, threats, and swearing from the perpetrators. You can hear one particularly vicious bully say to the grandmother of 8 that “you don't have a family because they all killed themselves because they don't want to be near you."

Karen Klein tries to maintain her composure throughout the incident, but appears to break down in tears. She had a son who committed suicide, and one of the bullies knew that, and I find his taunts especially repulsive. CBS News reported that her son took his life 10 years ago - and the bullies are 12 years old. Did they learn about her loss from a parent? I’m starting to think that parents of bullies should be fined when their child bullies anyone.

Mrs. Klein has declined to press criminal charges against the bullies. She said “don’t harm the kids.”

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports:
But the exposure has had a darker side, too: thousands of furious and sometimes threatening emails directed at Richardson and other officials in the Greece Central School District and the town of Greece and death threats and other harassment directed at students alleged to have participated in the incident.

“We are obviously as emotional as everyone else who has watched this horrible and disturbing video,” said Barbara Deane-Williams, superintendent of the Greece schools. “As a mom, I can assure you, however, that the enraged response directed at these students and my staff is equally as unsettling. Expressing hatred is not an effective way to resolve this.”

“We have a cellphone of one of the boys and he’s received more than 1,000 missed calls and more than 1,000 text messages threatening him,” he said. “Threats to overcome threats do no good.”

Chatterton said police were investigating the threats, as well as the incident and bullying behavior against Klein that was captured on video. But, he said, it’s unlikely criminal charges would be filed as Klein has said she did not want to press charges. He said the students have owned up to their behavior to police and “none has denied their accountability.”
A good samaritan saw the youtube video, and started a campaign asking for donations  to send Mrs. Klein on a vacation. As of right now, donations total $470,000 on indiegogo.com. That’s amazing - and I really think it’s fantastic that people have stepped up and donated money for Mrs. Klein to take a vacation

Making the bus monitor cry from youtube.
These bullying monster's behavior is totally reprehensible, and there are others just like them in every community in the United States. The bullies deserve a lengthy and painful punishment. Whether kids bully an adult or fellow classmate, they must learn that there are harsh consequences for their senseless actions.

Does anyone else think that perhaps Mrs. Klein isn’t well suited to be a bus monitor? She is the adult in charge of discipline on that bus, and it doesn’t appear that keeping the kids in line is her strong suit. Is she able to protect other kids from being bullied?

I think it’s obvious that Karen Klein is the appetizer or first course for those kids on that bus. By the time they get to school, they are revved up and ready to terrorize someone else for their entree.

I’m not criticizing Mrs. Klein, but if I were the school district, when she gets back from her fabulous vacation - I would reassign her to a position where she isn’t the disciplinarian.

Brooklyn Bullies Assault 8th Grader Which Results in $16M Lawsuit

8th Grader Kardin Ulysse was assaulted by a group of bullies in the cafeteria at Roy H. Mann Junior High School, which left him blind in one eye. His parents filed a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education for $16M dollars.

Reuters reports:

The beating at issue in Kardin Ulysse's bullying lawsuit took place on school grounds. Two seventh graders ganged up on Ulysse and berated him with harsh verbal insults including anti-gay slurs, according to a school incident report. "I think he said that to hurt me," Ulysse told the Daily News.

One bully then pinned Ulysse's arms while the other continuously punched Ulysse's face, head, and neck. Either the bully's punches, or shards from Ulysse's broken eyeglasses, damaged his cornea and left him blind in his right eye.

Ulysse broke away from the bullies, who chased him into the cafeteria. That's where school safety officers put a stop to the fight.

The Roy H. Mann Junior High School is being sued by a 13 year old student’s family for bullying as well.

Houston --- we have a problem. The bullying is out of control in our country! And it will only get better as we continue to shine some light on this serious problem.


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