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June 7, 2012

Equal Pay Act: US Senate Republicans Continued War On Women

The US Chamber Of Congress Is Anti-Women Too

The Republican minority in the US Senate   refused to allow a vote on the Equal Pay Act, sponsored by Senator Barbara Mikulski D-MD, that would amend and strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The Mikulski bill would require corporations to justify salaries that paid male workers more than female workers, for the same job and responsibilities.  In addition, the law would make it illegal to penalize any employee who shares salary information with co-workers.

Women are paid 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. That's an improvement from 1963, when they earned 59 cents for every dollar, but America can do better, said Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa.

As chairman of the Joint Economic commission, Mr. Casey has been among the Senate's most vocal supporters of measures to provide pay parity for women. The Mikulski bill, he said, "would give women tools as fundamental as being able to share salary information with a co-worker without being punished." He said passage would have provided more peace of mind to women and families who depend on mothers' paychecks.

The GOP's block sets the stage for Democrats to perpetuate election-year rhetoric aimed at portraying Republican candidates as anti-women. Republicans are almost sure to respond with their own accusations that Democrats are anti-business ideologues who are hurting job creators.

Can you believe that in 2012, women are still being discriminated against? Can you believe that women are paid $.77 cents an hour, when men are paid $1.00? It’s hard to believe we have to have this argument today - but here we are having it.

The US Chamber of Commerce doesn’t support equal pay for women either, just like Republicans.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce leaders say the Mikulski bill is harmful because it could expand the application of sanctions in the Equal Pay Act to instances of unintentional wage discrimination. "It strains logic to mandate that damages conceived and designed to punish and deter wrongful conduct should apply to claims of inadvertent, unintentional conduct," chamber Executive Vice President R. Bruce Josten wrote in a letter to senators Monday.

Whoever the idiots are at the US Chamber of Commerce, they need to exercise their brain, so that they can think a little bit. Whether discrimination is premeditated or inadvertent, it is still discrimination. There has to be a system in place for any worker, male or female, to register complaints, listen to complaints, and adjudicate complaints. Who would determine if discrimination is institutional discrimination, or inadvertent? Discrimination is discrimination.

To suggest that wage discrimination should go unpunished because it’s going to hurt business is ridiculous, insensitive and sexist. When it’s convenient, these wackadoo’s forget that all people in our country are allegedly created equal.

Where would any of us be without women? We wouldn’t be born - so get with the program and treat women with the dignity, respect and equal pay they deserve.

Government sanctioned discrimination is outrageous! Lawmakers are aware that this problem exists, and Mikulski’s bill would go a long way toward fixing it. Republican Senators refuse to allow the bill to come to the floor, and their inaction only serves to reinforce that the GOP war on women is still raging.

The Republicans in the US Senate should be ashamed of themselves. They are an embarrassment to themselves, and their party.

VIA The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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