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June 21, 2012

I’d Rather Satisfy A ‘Deep’ Dyke Than A ‘Shallow’ Gay Queen

Any Day Of The Week. Shallow Queens...Not A Fan.

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about anything sad because that shallow queen (I can claw too!) took issue with what I write. I’ve become very conscious about writing anything that someone might deem sad or depressing

I don’t like being self-conscious when I write, and I don’t like holding back or editing myself -- because my writing becomes very inauthentic. So fuck it! I’m not doing that anymore.

I do write about depressing subjects sometimes, like distressed gay teens, and the abject hypocrisy and bigotry that permeates the political and religious extremists who point to the Bible and say “God said it first.” Some stories must be told. I have to stay faithful to my truth to remain an authentic and trusted voice in our tiny community.

FYI...nothing is changing around here for the time being.

Willard Mitt Romney Sucks Lollipops

I just finished reading three books about Vulture Capitalist Willard Mitt Romney. I’m crafting the narrative in my head and will start writing in a week or so. I was going to wait – but people need to know some of this stuff now.

What I find fascinating, is that he has NO FRIENDS in the Republican Party establishment. His father was a pillar of the GOP establishment at one time, and Willard Mitt Romney didn’t even register as a Republican until he ran for the US Senate in 1992. He’s been a Republican for 20 years, and the guy is 65 years old.

John McCain’s nickname for him is 'the asshole,' Mike Huckabee has a more choice nickname for Romney, his distant cousin Jon Huntsman, doesn’t care for him, and most of his Republican support was mustered because he was the last man standing. The gay Republicans are enthusiastic about him, though!

The last candidate elected President from Massachusetts was John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis lost to Bush 41, and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry lost to Bush 43. Willard Mitt Romney is not JFK, and he doesn’t have the charisma or legendary charm that Kennedy had. So Romney will attempt to buy the election with his offshore Swiss bank accounts, Bermudian bank accounts, and Cayman Island bank accounts.

Romney and his surrogates plan on spending over a billion dollars on the general election campaign, and GOP super PACS will spend another billion to try to defeat President Obama. As Americans – we must find a way to fight back and not allow an election to be bought. That alone is reason enough to vote for Obama in my opinion.

Fasten your seat belt folks – you know the rest……bump bump bumpy.

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