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June 3, 2012

Kansan Brooklyn Wilson Sets A Shining Example For Others To Follow

The Topeka Capital-Journal says that Topeka Kansas High School Student Brooklyn Wilson is continuing her anti-bullying campaign, and she’s determined to help bullying victims who can’t stand up for themselves. She’s having a garage sale to raise money to promote her campaign, on June 9th 2012. If you are anywhere near Topeka Kansas, please pay her garage sale a visit to support her work!

Phil Anderson wrote:

True to her word, Brooklyn Wilson, of Topeka, is continuing her grass-roots campaign to help lift up other teenagers and children who, like herself, have been victimized by bullies.

Since an article about her anti-bullying efforts appeared in March in The Topeka Capital-Journal, Wilson has been busy putting wheels on her campaign and is determined to help kids who “can’t stand up for themselves.”

The sale is designed to help pay for T-shirts and rubber wristbands for students who have been bullied.

Funds also are slated to help pay for such events as a fundraising walk that will raise awareness about bullying.

In March, Wilson stepped forward with a Facebook page dedicated to people who have had trouble with bullies. The Facebook page can be found under the name Kimberly Portwood.

I’m always impressed when I hear about kids who are taking the bull by the horns to fight bullying, and they’re doing something about it. We need to support these kids and their efforts.

Well done Brooklyn!

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