June 18, 2012

Monday Shorts: Financial Meltdown Avoided In Greece, Marriage Equality Stalled In Australia, First Transgender White House Proposal

Transgender man proposes.
Scout proposes to partner Liz Margolies. Congratulations Scout and Liz!

  • Cool heads prevailed in Sunday’s Greek elections, and the world’s financial markets exhaled a huge sigh of relief, as Antonis Samaras’ New Democracy party won the majority of votes. While the electoral mandate is not commanding, with the anti-Euro radical left-wing party SYRIZA winning a substantial number of seats in Parliament, the New Democracy party won enough seats to form a coalition government.

  • Marriage equality in Australia may be scheduled for a vote in the federal legislature, in late 2012. A parliamentary committee examined the contentious issue, issued a report, and tabled the report - declining to vote in favor or against same-sex marriage. During the committee’s inquiry, they received 276,000 responses from the public, and almost two thirds of the responses were in favor of marriage equality. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Labor party are against marriage equality.

  • During a White House reception to celebrate LGBT Pride month last Friday, a transgender man dropped to his knee in the opulent Cross Hall, and asked his partner to marry him, in what is widely believed to be the first transgender proposal in the White House. Jennifer Bendery writes in the Huffington Post:

Scout, whose full name is legally one word, popped the question to Liz Margolies just minutes after President Barack Obama addressed the guests, many of whom are leaders in the LGBT community. Scout said he had been planning to propose to Margolies at the White House for almost a year, but when the moment presented itself, he realized he hadn't chosen a place to do it. So he just got down on his knee in the middle of Cross Hall, the main hallway on the first floor of the White House, where dozens of guests were sipping champagne and listening to the U.S. Marine Band.

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