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July 18, 2012

Anti-Gay Pacific Justice Institute Fails Again

Anti-gay Stop SB48 propaganda
Anti-gay Stop SB48 propaganda.
 Effort to gather signatures for a statewide referendum to repeal Senate Bill 48 unsuccessful.

The FAIR Education Act or California State Senate Bill 48, the bill sponsored by State Senator Mark Leno, and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, that mandates public schools develop a LGBT history curriculum to teach students about the many positive contributions of the LGBT community - has been under attack since the governor signed the bill in July 2011.

Opponents had vowed to gather petition signatures in order to place the law on the ballot, so that California voters can register their opinion. Their first effort failed, and now their second effort has failed.
Pacific Justice Institute lawyer Kevin Snider said the Stop SB48 campaign did not gather enough signatures by Monday's deadline to put an initiative on the 2014 ballot that would exclude sexual minorities from the list of groups whose roles in history and social science schools must teach.
Tony Perkins, the president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, falsely claimed that SB 48 “will require public schools to teach children as young as five not only to accept but also to endorse transgender, bisexual, and homosexual identity and behavior.”

Catholics for the Common Good tried to spread fear by citing “corrupting consequences for children about love, human sexuality, marriage, and family.”

I’m sure that the anti-gay Stop SB48 people will try again.

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