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July 18, 2012

Infographic: The High Price Of Marriage Inequality

by Staff at Insurance Quotes

For the first time in US history, surveys are showing that more Americans support same-sex marriage than oppose it, but it has yet to be federally legalized. For same-sex couples, as well as same-sex marriage proponents, it’s important to understand that without federal legalization of marriage equality, the price for a same-sex couple to obtain the equivalent of marital status is incredibly high.

From insurance costs to tax fees and even to wildly high court costs in some states, for many same-sex couples it’s much cheaper to not even try to establish a government recognized partnership. The following infographic uses a New York Times analysis of same-sex marriage costs as a jumping off point, and offers a breakdown of what can add up to a ludicrous price tag on same-sex marriage.

Without marriage equality, same-sex couples will continue to be forced to pay a high price to establish a legal marriage, and it’s a cost that begins with a license and continues all the way through to death.

Choosing a proper insurance plan can alleviate some of the problematic price, but federal legalization will be the only way to truly eliminate the crazy costs that go along with the establishment of a same-sex marital status.

Cost of Marriage Inequality
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