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July 20, 2012

PS: Michele Marie Bachmann Will Always Be 'Bozo' And A Clown To Me

This is a postscript to the blog post below - about Michele ‘Bozo’ Bachmann.

Thank you for the emails, messages and advice telling me that calling Rep. Michele ‘Bozo” Bachmann a clown, or Bozo, diminishes my writing - and my message.

I appreciate what everyone has to say, and I wholeheartedly disagree that I’m taking anything away from my message, or what I think and feel.

Michele Marie Bachmann, the GOP Congresswoman from Minnesota’s Sixth District, has created a political career by defaming, slandering, and lying about the LGBT community.

Bachmann has a sister who is a lesbian, and many constituents who are LGBT, and they have tried to communicate with her directly, and she refuses to have any dialogue. She has been advised that her words are hurtful and defamatory, and she doesn’t care.

She has said that being gay is the work of Satan, she has said that LGBT teachers indoctrinate their students to be gay, she says that being LGBT is a sexual identity disorder, during a rash of adolescent suicides in her district - she refused to meet with, or talk with, any of the parents who reached out to her. She didn’t even have the class to say she wasn’t comfortable discussing school matters, and she was sorry to hear about a family tragedy. She was silent and she said nothing!

This woman’s latest vendetta is hunting down Muslims in government. She usually refrains from defaming an individual - except for Nancy Pelosi - and generally uses a broad brush to indict large groups. Her false assertions about Huma Abedin is despicable and slanderous.

If the Congresswoman apologizes for her lies and inflammatory statements, I might consider treating her with respect. Until that happens, she deserves none and she will get none from me.

Her mouth, her lies, her inflammatory rhetoric, and her religious beliefs, hurt too many people. Kids commit suicide because of the bullshit that comes out of her mouth. She is a nasty, misinformed and incompetent politician. Until she is defeated, or resigns, I will treat her the way she treats me and my LGBT family.

She is a disgrace to Christianity, a disgrace to Congress, and she is ill-suited to represent the good people of Minnesota.

PS: Her husband Mary is no different - and I put him in the same category as she.

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