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August 13, 2012

London 2012: Olympics Closing Ceremony Was Fun And Gaytastic!

 London, England: Last night the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony was held in East London’s Olympic Stadium. I can only summarize the NBC telecast as a gaytastic musical celebration with a distinct British flavor, which included George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys, Jessie J., and even the late Freddie Mercury.


As a former resident of England, it was fascinating to watch the 2012 Olympic games. The British are famous for their stiff upper lip, and keeping their emotions in check, and have never been known for their patriotic fervor. The Olympics created an opportunity for the island nation to proudly wave the Union Jack, and discover the patriotism that their American cousins have long worn proudly on their sleeves. The hometown crowds infectious enthusiasm for the Olympic games and British athletes, was palpable. The British seemed to revel in their success, and that’s remarkable.


I have to admit that it was pure joy for me to see British athletes openly weep on the medals podium, when they heard their national anthem played.

London has always been a vibrant and exciting city, like New York and Paris - and the Olympic games elevated the capital city to another level, and you have to congratulate them for that.

The British love to build their successful athletes, celebrities and politicians up, and then tear them down and apart. I hope they can bask in the afterglow of the successful 2012 London Olympics, and that they resist their natural inclination to sabotage their success.

No matter how you slice it - on every level - they put on a jolly good show!

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