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August 13, 2012

London 2012: Top Ten Olympic Moments

The phenomenal success of the American women in the 2012 Olympic games is unprecedented, and nothing short of phenomenal.

It’s impossible to cite all the Olympic moments that stood out for me, but I do have a top ten - and it’s purely subjective.


  • Kerri Walsh Jennings and Missy May-Treanor’s 3rd gold medal in beach volleyball. I have to say I love to watch beach volleyball, and I owe that to these phenomenal women.

  • Rutgers soccer standout Carli Lloyd’s header to put the US women up 1-0 over Japan, and her second goal to put the US up 2-0. Bravo!

  • Nothing I could write here could do justice to Michael Phelps and his accomplishments. He is a phenom, and one of a kind. He’s admirably humble, and might be the best swimmer to have ever graced an Olympic pool. He is worthy of every award and accolade he receives, and represents the best of our country, and what we stand for.

Thanks for the memories!

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