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September 23, 2012

Grindr News: Paris Hilton Is The New Spokesmodel For Blendr

Paris Hilton pisses off the gays with homophobic remarks.

Much Ado About Nothing

Paris Hilton was in New York riding in a cab with a gay male friend. Quel surprise!

Her gay male friend told Paris about the gay mobile phone app Grindr. You might have forgotten about it, because it's filled with fakers (people using fake photos), headless torsos, and dudes with boyfriends who are bored and “just want to chat.”

Now do you remember what Grindr is?

Paris’ immediate reaction was “gay guys are the horniest in the world. They're disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS."

Her private conversation created headlines - as she had no idea that the New York cabbie was secretly recording her conversation.

The LGBT world was shocked and hurt. Fag hags across the universe were crushed. Kevin Fallon at The Daily Beast wrote:

Celebutante/heiress/failed reality-TV star, singer, and actress Paris Hilton is in hot water after a cab driver leaked a recorded conversation between Hilton and a friend about the gay hookup app Grindr. During the loathsome exchange, Hilton calls gay men “disgusting” and “the horniest people in the world,” and eloquently concludes that they will all “like, die of AIDS.” Even for a public figure so used to controversy, the firestorm ignited by the comments signal Hilton may have hit a new low.
The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon went a little overboard with his description of what happened. A “loathsome exchange?” I think not. Gay men speak that way all the time, so why was it so shocking that Paris Hilton uttered similar sentiments, privately to a gay male friend?  

Paris got in touch with her publicist (of course), and immediately issued a long apology. While the apology was obviously written by said publicist - I have no doubt that Paris is sincerely sorry that what she said privately may have hurt a number of people. If Paris pisses the gays off - she would lose a large chunk of her friends.

Grindr mobile phone app screenshot.
A Grindr screenshot. See for yourself!
I took a screenshot of Grindr. If you didn’t know what the app was and saw this on someone’s phone - you might have a visceral reaction like Paris Hilton did.

The only part of Paris Hilton’s statement that I have a problem with was her comment that “gay guys are the horniest in the world.” Guys are the horniest in the world - whether gay or bi or straight - and I find it hard to believe she hasn’t figured that out.

Grindr has a good opportunity to introduce Paris Hilton as the spokesmodel for Blendr. Blendr is owned by Grindr, and is the mobile phone app for men and women to hook up.
And we all know that Paris Hilton knows how to hook up.  

straight talk in a queer world.            

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