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September 22, 2012

HRH Queen Elizabeth Weighs In On Election 2012

Queen Elizabeth Equerry Pemberbatch Mitt Romney at Buckingham Palace in London England

Photo Essay

Overheard at Buckingham Palace.......

HRH Queen Elizabeth II addressed the Equerry "A quick word Pemberbatch. Do you have any idea what a twit is?" Stifling a chuckle he muttered "No Mum." Her majesty inquired "What about a Mitt?" Pemberbatch knew the Queen was no dummy. Throwing caution to the wind he reportedly said "I firmly believe it derives from git or half-wit."

The blue-eyed octogenarian Queen responded with her omnipotent grin, which was a sign that she concurred. She made a dash for the ladies loo - so that she could laugh out loud privately - and ditch the Presidential wannabe.

She ditched Mitt the twit!

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