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September 28, 2012

Two Westview High School Bullies in San Diego Arrested

 Screenshot from ABC News report of Katie Uffens of San Diego, California

By Roy Steele

San Diego, California – Just desserts for a couple of high school bullies? Two teenage boys were arrested at San Diego’s Westview High School, and led away in handcuffs, in connection with a San Diego Police Department investigation into bullying at the school.

Katie Uffens, 16, dropped out of high school after she learned that there was a “Kill Katie Klub.”

ABC News reports:
“I didn’t know if it was a joke or they were really trying to kill me,” Uffens told ABC News’ San Diego affiliate KGTV.

Her mother, Giselle Uffens, a former Mrs. California, appealed to the school administration and the San Diego police who at first declined to press charges, citing lack of evidence.

That’s when her daughter left the school, enrolling in a home-school charter program instead.

“I said we are going to move, this is going to go away,” Giselle Uffens said.

But Uffens’ mother says the bullies continued to harass her daughter online through social media.

She collected defamatory photos and comments on Facebook, Twitter and recorded dozens of allegedly threatening phone calls made to their house

“Basically, what I said to one of my friends was ‘Kill Katie Klub,’” Aguirre explained to KGTV. “It was a one-liner thing. We never had any intentions to hurt anybody.”

Aguirre acknowledged that Uffens was unpopular and didn’t deny that he picked on her. But he said he’s the real victim, having been dragged out of school publicly by police.
The police would have never made an arrest without ample evidence of bullying.

Hearing Aguirre say that “he’s the real victim” because he was arrested at school is outrageous. And why are boys bullying and denigrating a female classmate?

In a comment left by a reader at, Jack Tompkins writes:
The truth will come out and people will know there is a history with this girl and her over-protective mother. The boy is a good kid and all students know there was never any malicious intent.
Only a sexist male would make the statement “there is a history with this girl” and her mother. Questioning the victim’s character is off limits. It’s like saying that a rape victim asked for it because she was dressed provocatively.

Tompkins purports to know there was no malicious intent. A bully commonly justifies their behavior by claiming they didn’t mean to hurt anyone – yet why does anyone demean or debase another human being? It’s because they want to injure or hurt whoever is the target of their taunts.

Tompkins wrote further:
I know death threats should never happen, but grow up, folks, Westview is one of the best schools in the county........... how many times do you hear somebody say “I’m going to kill you”? Happens all the time with kids and they don’t really mean it.
As confusing and maddening as his statements are – it’s most shocking that he rationalizes the behavior of bullies by stating that “Westview is one of the best schools in the county.”

No one should ever say “I’m going to kill you.” Very young kids might say it – when they don’t fully grasp the meaning of what they are saying – but high school students don’t generally say that to anyone.

With all of the school shootings we hear about every year, school administrators and police departments are becoming increasingly sensitive to death threats.

Bravo to Katie Uffens and her family for documenting the bullying. Kudos to the San Diego Police Department and the Poway Unified School District for investigating the bullies and bullying. This should be the norm in every school district – not the exception.

If you’re a parent with a child who is being bullied, document everything you can. It is extremely difficult for a school to ignore solid evidence. If the bullying becomes extreme, also call your local police department.

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