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September 24, 2012

Santa Clara Police Entrap San Francisco Man On Gay Sex Site

South Bay Cops Allege Drugs Found In San Francisco Residence

By Roy Steele

Santa Clara, California -- The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that San Francisco resident Eric Dean Lewis, 42 was arrested this past weekend at a Caltrain station. The newspaper article claims that Lewis was at the train station to meet an undercover police officer “he contacted through a gay dating website.”

A gay dating website? I”m sure that whatever site it is - it’s a gay sex site - not "a gay dating website."

Right off the bat this story is suspect. How did Eric Dean Lewis choose to meet an undercover police officer to communicate with online? He chose to meet and hook up with a police officer - instead of hundreds of other guys online.  The police officer said or did something to stand out in the crowd, and I find it hard to believe that Eric Dean Lewis randomly started communicating with the police officer to arrange a tryst.

Joshua Melvin of the Mercury News reports:
Police began investigating Lewis after getting a tip that he was involved in drugs, said Gregory. That tip led to an undercover officer to start chatting with Lewis on a gay dating website.
The police arrested the suspect at the train station, and then went to his house and found a quarter-ounce of methamphetamine, drug scales, alleged GHB, and unidentified pills. That small amount of evidence was enough for the Santa Clara Police Department to brand Lewis a drug dealer, and that’s absolutely ridiculous.

Lewis is a grammar school principal in Santa Clara. The newspaper states:
Santa Clara Unified School District officials said they are shocked at the arrest of the "well-regarded" employee and have placed him on unpaid administrative leave. Lewis could not be reached for comment.

Santa Clara Unified Superintendent Dr. Bobbie Plough said the arrest comes without warning for the district and has no connection to students at Montague.

"The community felt he was well-regarded," Plough said. "It's very much a shock."
What really bothers me about this story is the fact that a police department got a tip about someone, and then targeted a gay man on a gay sex site. They tried to nab Lewis - and entrapped him on a gay sex site. That is illegal!

Do they target straight men online in similar fashion on straight sex sites? Do they investigate and entrap women that way? Lesbians? Of course not. If they thought the guy had a drug problem, they could have contacted him and told him to get help.

I’m sure it will come out that they only investigate gay men this way, and that’s discriminatory and poor police practice, and entrapment to boot. 

It's disgusting that they can destroy a guy’s life over an issue that's a public health issue, and not a public safety issue. Then again - police departments across the country do that every day.

The Santa Clara Police Department should be ashamed of themselves. With all of the homicides in the south bay this year, you’d think they would have more important things to do.

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