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September 22, 2012

WTF! Romney Reiterates He Doesn't Like Poor People

WTF Mitt Romney Still Hates Poor People
Willard Mitt Romney not ready for prime time (he's only been running for President for 12 years).
American Voters Have Lost Their Way And It’s Time To Correct Course

By Roy Steele

It’s 2012 and the United States of America is the only true super power in the world. Our military might, vast wealth, and abundant natural resources, make us the envy of the world.

We have prevailed on the battlefield, triumphed on the football pitch, and weathered the global recession better than most other free market economies.

While western countries have a passing familiarity with what we refer to as the American dream,  there are millions and billions of people who live on the same planet, who have simpler dreams. They long for clean drinking water or a reliable and affordable  source of electricity.

Consider that 75% of the world’s population is in Asia and Africa. The farmer working his field in Zimbabwe, or the food stall hawker in Chiang Mai, have no idea what the average American thinks and dreams about. They aren’t familiar with our work ethic, and are clueless about our values, and what we hold dear. The only thing they know about our culture is what the latest Hollywood blockbuster tells them. 


They are largely unaware of our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They don’t have religious freedom or freedom of speech. Those are foreign concepts that Bashir in Tbilisi doesn’t consider as he and Flossie the Ox prep the field for a long winter. Bashir’s friend and neighbor Mansour tells him that the wealthy and powerful USA insulted and disrespected the God he and his family believe in. They decry the travesty and wonder who will be brought to justice.

Who are the 47%?
Cue the protests, riots, and the music. I wonder why there is so much anti-American sentiment when we have a Kenyan Muslim President. Forgive my digression.

While our economy is the most important issue in the presidential campaign, foreign policy considerations are incredibly important too. Can you picture the challenger negotiating with Putin? 

Is a multi-millionaire businessman, and one term small state governor, who often fudges the facts - the guy you want representing your country on the world stage? Is he the right  fella to reassure the Bashir’s and Mansour’s of the world that the USA stands with him, and feels his pain. Is this man who pays little in taxes, and rarely speaks about his faith, the right man to promote religious freedom around the world while he builds a giant fence along our southern border?

1.4 billion people on planet earth still live in extreme poverty, and have to make ends meet with the equivalent of just US$1.25 a day to meet all of their needs. I wonder what they would think or say about the good old USA, if they saw the thousands of people lined up at Apple stores for the new iPhone 5.

I strongly believe the leader of the free world needs to be confident, articulate, intelligent, decisive, empathetic, strong and compassionate. The incumbent has consistently shown that he possesses that skill set. The gaffe prone challenger hasn’t exhibited any of those traits to date, and managed to make an ass out of himself on his single overseas trip,   

I’m still shocked and amazed that a major political party has nominated a candidate for President who thinks that senior citizens, the disabled, and middle class workers who meet their federal tax obligations through payroll deductions, are “dependent on government” and unwilling “to take personal responsibility for their lives.” WTF?

This allegedly religious man disparaged nearly half of the population, and if you add in the siblings, parents, and other relatives of the 47% he is so dismissive of - I’d bet you’d get close to 98% of the population who are affected by the GOP nominee’s remarks, and concomitantly don’t hold the wealth in our country.

The Double R team of Romney and Ryan want to gut social programs for the poor, they vow to eliminate any government sponsored healthcare, they promise to increase defense spending so that we can engage Iran and Syria in a war, and they’re committed to substantially reduce taxes for businesses and individuals alike. They also claim that they will reduce the federal deficit substantially.

Like a bad salesman, they are mum on specifics but if you look at their plan closely, they plan on gutting Social Security and Medicare in ten years. They say that they will keep the current Medicare and Social Security programs in tact, because they need the bloc of senior citizen’s that usually vote Republican. After they are elected, they will put the building blocks in place for massive cuts and changes to the lifeline for seniors and the disabled, to occur after they have left office in 2022.

That’s deceptive and unethical, fucked up and un-American. Like snake oil salesmen, they are full of flowery rhetoric and conveniently short on specifics.

What’s happened to our nation’s values? Where have our core values gone? Why is the poverty level rising so dramatically here in our own country? Why have alleged Christian politicians forgotten about the Judeo-Christian tradition of lifting up the less fortunate, taking care of our neighbors and friends, and providing for the elderly and the poor?

Lending a hand to others in need is a tradition that makes this country great. The leader of the free world sets an example for the world to follow, and when our economy is humming along we share the largesse with others.

If these clowns from Massachusetts and Wisconsin are elected to lead our country, the implications for our nation and our economy will be disastrous. We will never get out of this recession if we leave nearly half of the country behind.

If the Double R’s are elected, Lady Liberty’s torch will be a dim and distant memory, while seniors and hard working families, and the disabled are doomed.   

Our nation will be great when we are all working toward a common goal that benefits the entire country. The vulture capitalist and wannabe President will be happy when he rips apart the very fabric that binds us together.

The challenger says he is “fighting for the soul of America.” From where I sit it appears that he’s looking to destroy it.

Senior citizens have worked hard, raised families, and contributed to the lifeblood of our nation for many years. We need to ensure that they are taken care of. We also need to ensure that a steady and sure hand guides our diplomacy and outreach to the Bashir’s and Mansour’s of the world.  I hope that you will join me to ensure that the challenger doesn’t get anywhere near Washington   

Knowledge is power and I hope you will educate yourself about the issues in this historic election. Share this blog post with a friend. And remember to vote - as every vote counts!

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