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October 1, 2012

GOP In Denial About Opinion Polls - So They Are Making Shit Up. Again.

By Roy Steele

The lead story today on is called “The parallel universe where Mitt leads all polls.” Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns write about the fact that every reputable pollster in the United States have found that Barack Obama leads Willard Mitt Romney among likely voters nationally by at least 3 points. Romney campaign staffers say the polls are not accurate, while right wing supporters have begun spinning fictional conspiracy theories, 
in order to explain why Romney’s poll numbers are dropping..

Martin and Burns make a very strong case that conservative Republicans can’t or won’t accept the truth about this election, and live in denial in a parallel existence removed from reality.

They describe conservative media outlets, where many GOP acolytes consume their news, as a “place where the swing-state polls showing Romney losing are not just inaccurate but part of an intentional plot by the heretofore unknown media-pollster axis to depress Republican voters.” They write further:
In this other world, Romney not only isn’t losing – he’s on the verge of a convincing victory.
“I believe if the election were held today, Romney would win by four or five points,” trumpeted Dick Morris on Fox News last week, predicting a win for the GOP ticket in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. In public polls right now, Romney is losing in each of those states. But, Morris said, that’s because the data is all wrong.
“People need to understand that the polling this year is the worst it has ever been,” said the onetime Clinton svengali turned conservative pundit.
What a surprise -- the right wing extremists are making shit up again!

I think their behavior is dishonest and disgusting, and reflects desperation on their part. While Republican party apparatchiks cry “foul,” their claims that opinion polls are all wrong, and that the “liberal media bias” skew the polls to favor Democrats, is what a whining and ineffective political party does when it’s destined to lose.

Jonathan Easley of the writes about the alleged skewed polls :

Frustration that polls are skewed in favor of Obama has escalated among some on the right in recent weeks. One website,, recently began re-weighting the mainstream polls to closer track the demographic assumptions of conservative polling outlet Rasmussen Reports. The re-weighted polls all show Romney ahead in the race, with leads of between 3 and 11 percentage points.
Over at, Ruby Cramer penned an excellent article entitled “Conservatives Embrace Alternate Polling Reality.” She comes to the same conclusion that Martin and Burns suggest. She reports:
Republicans have taken their complaints about media polls allegedly favoring Democrats a step further this morning, embracing an obscure new polling website that re-engineers public polls to add more Republicans to their samples, and which gives Republican Mitt Romney a wide lead.
Dean Chambers, a blogger on who writes from his home in Duffield, Virginia, took that complaint a step further — producing wide Romney leads far beyond what the Republican's campaign or Republican pollsters have suggested is the case.
He created the site, retooling national polling data this July after reading an ABC News/Washington Post poll that "just didn't look right." Looking at the internal data, Chambers saw that the polling unit had sampled more Democrats than Republicans.
Let’s get this straight. A blogger eyeballed an opinion poll and didn’t like what the poll reflected. More voters in the poll identified themselves as Democrats, instead of Republicans, so he thought “that can”t be right.” With no facts or figures to support the blogger’s hunch, and no empirical data to support his theory, the blogger decided to just MAKE SHIT UP and called it “unskewed” polling, and Romney is leading?

Republicans have been making stuff up ever since Barack Obama was elected. The same folks who don’t believe current opinion polls also don’t believe in evolution or dinosaurs.

If the GOP keeps making shit up and lying to voters - they could experience the same fate as those dinosaurs. Extinction.

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