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October 12, 2012

Joe Biden Comes Out Swinging And Knocks Out Paul Ryan In VP Debate

Vice President Joe Biden greets Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
The 2012 debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan - the candidates for Vice President of the United States - at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.
By Roy Steele

Danville, Kentucky -- Vice President Joe Biden came out swinging against his Republican opponent, in the 2012 Vice Presidential debate hosted by Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, last night. In terms of pure political theater - Biden delivered several knock out punches to the wannabe challenger - Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI).

The incumbent Vice President was on offense all night, and he repeatedly characterized the Romney/Ryan ticket as the champion of Wall Street and the wealthy, while Ryan spent most of the debate on defense, trying to convince voters that in spite of Republican policy pronouncements, that the GOP cares about middle class Americans.

The debate moderator was ABC News Senior Foreign correspondent Martha Raddatz. She did an excellent job, and handled the candidates brilliantly.

The Los Angeles Times Paul West writes:

Taking up the running mate's traditional attacker role, Biden was aggressive from the start. He was quick to seize openings against Romney and Ryan that Obama had not — attacking Romney's dismissive comment about "the 47%" and his personal income tax rate, which is lower than what many far less affluent Americans pay — and describing the Republicans as warmongers. Even in a quietly personal discussion about abortion, he homed in on Ryan's past objections to allowing the procedure for rape victims.
Biden called the Romney/Ryan proposals “a bunch of malarkey,” and just plain “wrong.” When Ryan invoked former President John F. Kennedy’s name, he channeled his best Lloyd Bentsen impression by asking incredulously “now you’re Jack Kennedy?”’s Chief Political Columnist Roger Simon concurs that “Joltin’ Joe Biden wins the bout.” 

Biden took on Paul Ryan in the one and only vice presidential debate and did what Obama had failed to do last week in his debate with Mitt Romney: Biden not only won over the audience, but got under his opponent’s skin.
Biden smirked, sneered, and openly laughed at many of Ryan’s responses. It could have looked rude, but Biden made it look tough.
After all, Biden was the 69-year-old defender and Ryan was the 42-year-old challenger. But by the end of the evening, Joltin’ Joe had done real damage to his opponent.
“Romney said, ‘Aw, let Detroit go bankrupt,’ ” Biden said. “My friends and neighbors pay more than Gov. Romney in federal income tax! I’ve had it up to here!”
Ryan tried to dodge this right jab, but walked into a left hook instead. And it was of his own making. “He talks about Detroit?” Ryan said. “Mitt Romney is a car guy!”
Biden painted Ryan as a hypocrite by attacking the stimulus now, while begging for stimulus money in the past.
“He sent me two letters saying, by the way, ‘Can you send me stimulus money?’ ” Biden said. “ ‘It will create growth and jobs.’ Those are his words. And now, he’s sitting here looking at me?”
Ryan could only say weakly that, as a member of Congress, “that’s what we do.”
That’s what we do? Oh, my. That will never do.
“What would my friend do differently?” Biden said at one point. “My friend says 47 percent of people are takers.”
And by the end of the debate, Ryan had learned one thing: The only thing worse than being Joe Biden’s enemy is being called his friend.
Biden was loose and jocular throughout the debate, while Ryan was tense and on the defensive.

The Vice President is the President “in waiting.” Should the President be incapacitated or unable to complete his term, the Vice President is next in line to succeed him. 
After last night’s slug fest, I would be much more comfortable with a President Biden than a President Ryan.

Biden had command of his facts, and was on top of the issues domestically and foreign policy wise. Ryan kept repeating lines from his campaign stump speeches, and couldn’t articulate foreign policy positions that the average American could identify with.

While Biden didn’t knock out Ryan cold with a left hook, his pugnaciousness, combined with the Romney/Ryan right-wing extremism, was the monstrous punch that Ryan could not counteract.

That’s why Joe Biden was the clear winner by TKO.

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