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October 6, 2012

Post Debate: Oh God + Kolob, Towering Trump, Sum = Fuzzy Math

Willard Mitt Romney meme

Oh God + Kolob

During Wednesday night’s debate, did you hear Willard Mitt Romney say that “we’re all children of the same God?” That’s a particularly broad and inclusive statement that is completely at odds with his policy pronouncements. He said:
 “We’re a nation that believes that we’re all children of the same God.” 
Aside from pandering to right wing extremists, and trying to shore up his shaky base, his pronouncement left me confused. Was he dipping into the Kool Aid?

In Mormon scripture, the Book of Abraham, The Pearl of Great Price, it’s established that the star Kolob - is the star in the heavens closest to where God lives. Kolob was allegedly instrumental in earth’s creation. One day on Kolob is equivalent to 1,000 days on earth, and a place that Mormons aspire to be.

Somehow I imagine if most people knew about Kolob, that they might take issue with Romney’s disingenuous statement.

Our nation is made up of many religions with different Gods. Romney is on record that LGBTQ people are second class citizens. He’s against equal pay for women, is anti-immigrant, wants to cut benefits for the “poor,”  and wants to limit government help for the disabled and senior citizens. That doesn't sound very Godly to me. Then again Kolob doesn't either.

Does he really think we are all children of the same God?

I think NOT!

donald trump meme
Towering Trump

President Obama said:
"Under Gov. Romney’s definition, Donald Trump is a small business. I know Donald Trump doesn’t like to think of himself as small anything."
During the debate - President Obama mentioned that the “Donald,” as in Donald Trump, would be treated as a small businessman and would pay taxes as a “small business” under the Romney tax plan. If those Atlantic City casinos are small businesses, and Romney wants to treat them as such, our country’s economy will go to hell in a handbasket in no time.

Donald Trump has been very quiet since the debate, and the President was right. Trump doesn't like to be referred to as small in any way shape or form. I doubt he will be quiet for long.

[It was difficult creating the meme above and staying clean and family friendly. Without questioning Trump’s private bits or brain, I could only come up with the above. If you have a better one - please share it!]

Sum = Fuzzy Math

Willard Mitt Romney’s refusal to articulate how he plans to create actual jobs, and how he will find the revenue to increase defense spending by 2 trillion dollars, while cutting every tax in the federal government’s arsenal, is the most foolish and arrogant proposal I’ve ever heard in a Presidential election campaign.

When the American people decide who to vote for, we evaluate the competing plans of each candidate. This election is a first -  because one candidate refuses to tell people his plan. Are you buying that?

The man has a plan, and knows if he says it out loud that he will lose more supporters.

And I’ll drink to that!

Roy Steele
straight talk in a queer world.        
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