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October 25, 2012

Racism 101: The Ugly Side Of GOP Politics

By Roy Steele

I’m generally an optimist, and sometimes I view life through rose-colored glasses to preserve my point of view. The world that I live in day to day is free of overt racism and homophobia, and I like it that way. Don’t get me wrong, even in a very tolerant city like San Francisco, there are anti-gay homophobes and racists living among us. As luck would have it, they are significantly outnumbered, so they try to blend in and hope that no one notices.

In this huge country of ours, there are large cities, and small towns, and tiny hamlets, and huge counties, where racism and homophobia are ingrained in the culture. This is where bullying, racism and anti-gay slurs are often at it’s worst, because this harmful behavior has been continually accepted and overlooked, and everyone has become so accustomed to ill-manners, that the "witnesses" have masterfully and subconsciously become emotionally detached from the conflict and noise and verbal abuse, to the extent that they can’t even identify the harmful behavior as such.

The victims who endure racist taunts, or anti-gay slurs, are acutely aware that the bullying is happening - it’s just that no one hears their internal tears. Whether it’s due to embarrassment or fear, victims of bullying are reluctant to tell anyone about it. Even they’ve been conditioned to think it’s a rite of passage, in spite of the psychological and physical harm they are experiencing.

You might be wondering why I’m writing about this today, and the primary reason is the photograph you see above. I saw this photo on tumblr.com, and I don’t know who took the photo or where it came from, but it was in a political photo feed on the tumblr site.

I think that the t-shirt is ignorant, disgusting, and racist, and I'm shocked that anyone would or could wear it in public, regardless of party affiliation. There are people standing around listening to someone speak, and because of the obvious Romney/Ryan reference, I immediately assumed it had to be a GOP gathering. I could be wrong about that, but the racist message is clear, and I feel strongly that each and every one of us must call these people out, provided that we feel we won’t put ourselves in physical danger, whenever we see such overt examples of racism or homophobia.

I’ve never met President Obama or any members of his family, but I’ve seen enough of him to know that his heart, his mind and his outstanding character, is above reproach. His commitment to our country, and our military and military families, to his office, and to his family, is unquestionable. Whether someone shares his political beliefs or not, his service should be respected and admired, and commended, for the sacrifices he has made to work and represent all the people......we the people. Anything less would be Un-American.

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