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October 1, 2012

Romney Will Turn Economy Upside Down With His Voodoo Economics

Governor Cuckoo Christie Says Romney Will Turn Presidential Race Upside Down


New Jersey governor Chris Christie made an appearance on Face The Nation yesterday. During his television appearance, he said that Willard Mitt Romney was going to excel in Wednesday’s debate with President Obama, and that he’d turn Election 2012 on it’s ear.
"He's had a tough couple of weeks," Christie said on "Face the Nation." "I mean, I'm not going to sit here and come on this morning and sugarcoat the last couple weeks."
Christie, who raised Romney's debate expectations, added, "This whole race is going to turn upside down come Thursday morning," referring to the morning after the first presidential debate.
"He's going to lay out his vision for America," Christie said, adding that he will use the debate to contrast his view and record with the president's. "And the first time a majority of the people who are going to vote in this race will have an opportunity to make that direct comparison."
We know what Romney’s vision is. The vulture capitalist wants to cut taxes further (including his own), he wants to reduce spending on entitlement programs (especially anything that helps 47% of the population), he wants to eliminate “Obamacare” and any expanded health care, he wants to increase defense spending (to go to war with Syria and Iran), and he wants to roll back regulations that have been put in place to rein in reckless behavior on Wall Street.

That’s not a vision for America, it’s a prescription for disaster.

Romney will turn our economy upside down, and that won’t cut it.

Stop making shit up Governor Christie and Govern
or Romney..

The United States has never elected a "businessman" or vulture capitalist to be President.

Why would we change course and do that now?

Roy Steele

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