October 29, 2012

The San Francisco Giants Are The 2012 World Series Champions!

The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series in Detroit
The San Francisco Giants swept the 2012 World Series in four games, and edged the Detroit Tigers 4-3 at Comerica Park in Detroit.
Detroit, Michigan -- The San Francisco Giants won game four of the World Series in extra innings, and defeated the Detroit Tigers 4 - 3. By sweeping the Tigers in four games, they are the World Series Champions.

The Giants won the National League pennant with strong pitching, and defense. They stuck to what they do best in the World Series, and beat the team that most oddsmakers picked to win to World Series in four games.

Pablo Sandoval was picked as the World Series MVP after going 8 for 16, and hitting 3 homers in game 1.

San Francisco went wild in the streets after the Giants won. Our small tolerant city by the bay is immensely proud of our San Francisco Giants!

The San Francisco Ginats are the 2012 World Series Champions!
Our small tolerant city is immensely proud of our San Francisco Giants, the 2012 World Series Champions!

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